Welcome to Jackson, Waldo County, Maine, founded in 1812, current population about 500. map. We have farms, businesses, artists, wildlife, and outdoor r ecreation. We have one of the most beautiful ridges in the state. If you're from away, come and explore! If you live in Jackson, you'll find handy information here, like upcoming events, phone numbers, and town office hours.

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News and Announcements

The Jackson Book Club meets regularly at the Jackson Library. Contact Jo Cooley for more information. 722-3362, jocarl54@yahoo.com.

Trash Talk

Did you know that A LOT of our tax money pays to get rid of trash? Here are FOUR easy ways to reduce your trash and save us all some money:

1.    Recycle everything you can at the transfer station. Not sure if it can be recycled? Separate it out and ask the transfer station attendant. Recycle even more stuff at the Unity Area Regional Recycling Center. UARRC Recycling Guide

2.    Compost your food waste. Just about everyone in Jackson has a yard or garden. Turn your food waste - raw egg shells, uncooked vegetable scraps, unbleached paper towels - into valuable soil for your garden by composting it. All you need is a covered bucket and some dirt. If you can't use your compost, maybe a local farmer can.  Link here for composting tips.

3.    Buy less packaging. Buy in bulk. Buy fresh food instead of canned (especially from local farmers). Choose products with less plastic when you're buying electronics. Send the message to product manufacturers that you want less packaging by leaving excess packaging at the store! And always bring your own, reusable bags. Who needs more cheap plastic bags that break?

4.    Give it away, don't throw it away. One person's trash is another person's treasure. Bring your give-aways into the swap shop at the transfer station, or advertise them on the Classifieds page, on the Jackson E-mail Bulletin Board, at Waldo County FreeCycle, or with a salvage dealer.