Septic Installation

 The most common way to treat and dispose of wastewater in rural homes is through the use of an onsite sewage system.
 With careful planning, quality construction, and proper maintainance, an onsite sewage system is a safe and economical
method for treating and disposing of wastewater. 
Click here for a Home owners guide to care and maintenance of a home septic system                   

Proper Steps for Septic Installation Permits


Any house that is not within 300’ of a pubic sewer is required to have an onsite sewage system as a method of waste disposal and wastewater treatment. The first step in acquiring a permit for new construction is to complete an application at the Health Department. There is a $25.00 fee for a residential application. An application can be done by the owner, contractor, or an authorized agent. The application requires a name, current address, phone number, site location, number of bedrooms, baths, type of construction and number of occupants. Once the application is completed, an appointment will be made for an Environmental Health Specialist to make a site assessment of the proposed location. The location should be cleared of any growth that would interfere with the ability to assess the area’s topography. No excavation or stump removal should be done. It is the owner/agents responsibility to obtain a Registered Soil Scientist to perform a soil test on the site at the time of the site assessment. If the EHS, Soil Scientist, and owner/agent can agree on an onsite location, the location should be clearly identified in order to protect it from any construction activities or other source of damage.


When a copy of the soil report is received at the Health Department, the size and type of onsite system will be determined according to Indiana Rule 410 IAC 6-8.3. These specifications are then sent to the applicant. The applicant must then contract an installer that is registered in Jackson County to lay out the proposed system and to fill out a design submittal form. The installer must submit their proposal to the Jackson County Health Dept. for approval. When the onsite system is approved, the applicant will be notified that a permit is ready to pick-up. A copy of the house plan and a copy of the property’s deed and/or other legal description must be furnished before the permit is released. A permit is $50.00 or $75.00, depending on the type of system. A permit is valid for two (2) years from the day of issue.


An onsite sewage system permit is required before a building permit will be issued.


A permit is also required to re-connect a new house to an existing onsite system, to repair a failing onsite system, or to replace any component of the onsite system.


It is important to note that Indiana Rule 410 IAC 6-8.1 was effective 12/21/1990. Before that time, there was no standard for onsite sewage systems in Indiana. If you have or are buying a house that is over 20 years old, chances are good that the septic system is undersized or non-compliant. No failing septic system is ‘grandfathered’ under 410 IAC 6-8.1, 410 IAC6-8.2 or 410 IAC 6-8.3.


It should also be noted that all waste produced in the house must go into the onsite sewage system. Some years ago, a lot of houses separated ‘gray water’ (wash water) to a line that did not go into the septic tank. That is now considered a direct discharge and is in violation of 410 IAC 6-8.3 and Jackson County Code 3-42-2.


Onsite Sewage systems continue to be a very efficient method of waste disposal and treatment when properly designed, installed, and maintained. Proper operation of the system is the homeowner’s responsibility. Common sense about what is put into the system, water conservation, and spreading out water use to equalize the volume will help minimize problems. Having the tank pumped every three to five years is recommended to increase longevity. There has never been any proven advantage to the use of septic additives.


Please feel free to contact the Jackson County Health Dept. at 522-6474 about any septic system questions or visit for more information.      

Soil Science Consultants:
John Bowen
Chestnut Ridge Consulting, Inc.
7208 E. Co Rd 100 S
Seymour, IN    47274
(812) 522-2749 home
(812) 521-0995 cell
John M. Robbins, Jr. CPSS
1903 S. Finley Firehouse Rd
Scottsburg, IN    47170
(812) 752-7160
Michael Salem
Good Nature Farm
8419 Bob Allen Rd
Freetown, IN    47235
(812) 216-1871 cell
(812) 988-7053
Spence Williams
Southeastern Environmental Consulting
1771 S. St Rd 3
Scottsburg, IN    47170
(812) 889-2412
The following persons design mound and at-grade on-site sewage systems.  They are not soil scientists.  Do not contact them unless it has been determined you need a mound or at-grade system.
Steve Dean
Septic Design
631 Timber Ridge Rd
Spencer, Indiana 47460
(812) 829-9238
Chad Leinart
Centerline Consulting LLC
114 S. Co Rd 600 E
Seymour, IN    47274
(812) 569-1156

To obtain a septic permit you must:
Come to the Health Department and fill out an application.  There is a $25.00 administration fee which covers, site evaluation, current system inspection, soil report analysis, and system specs as they apply.
Make an appointment for a preliminary site evaluation and/or inspection with a Jackson County Health Department Environmentalist.
Obtain a soil evaluation from a Cerfified Soil Scientist.  Please notify the Health Department 48 hours in advance of appointment.
Provide a copy of the house floor plans or other building floor plans.
Provide a copy of the survey and/or plat plan and legal description.
Obtain the On-Site Sewage System Spec Sheet.  This will contain the type and size of the system required.
Select a septic system installer certified in Jackson County to prepare your site plan and complete your system design submittal form.  If you change installers new plans must be submitted.
Your permit will be issued once system design has been approved by the Health Department and all paperwork has been submitted.
The fees are as follow:
     Repair or reconnection  $25.00
     New or replacement of a trench system (conventional or flood dose) $50.00
     Elevated mound or other engineered system $75.00
Make checks payable to:  Jackson County Health Department
You may mow or bush hog the site if needed but do not disturb the site otherwise.  ( NO EARTH MOVING, STUMP REMOVAL, ETC.) 
Missing any of the above steps could delay the issuing of your permit.  Construction of your system may not start before the permit is issued.
After the permit is issued you may apply for your building permit.  Please provide the Health Department with your 911 address.
All fees are non-refundable.

Certified Septic Installers for Jackson County:
Jerry Anthony
9255 E. 600 S.
Crothersville, Indiana 47229
(812) 525-1572
A+ Construction
5975 W St Rd 250
Paris Crossing, IN 47270
(812) 525-7092

Byler Construction
3076 S. H/L Rd
Campbellsburg, Indiana 47108
(812) 620-3918
Day & Sons Backhoe
6410 W. Co Rd 500 N
Scipio, IN    47273
(812) 392-2139
Mark Eppley
P.O. Box 786
Columbus, IN 47202
(812) 343-0424

Dan Fleetwood
5234 North 1250 West
Norman, Indiana 47264
(812) 995-8037

Flinn Ag Services
9974 N. US 31
Seymour, IN 47274
(812) 528-0853
Rex Hauer
2684 South 310 West
Vallonia, Indiana 47281
(812) 358-5129
J-n-J Construction
3120 W 400 N
Brownstown, IN 47220
(812) 569-0867
King's Trucking & Excavating
9804 East 800 North
Seymour, Indiana 47274
(812) 522-6973
Lawless Excavating
568 E. Crothersville Rd
Austin, IN 47201
(812) 528-6734
Dc Long
11352 E. 1125 N.
Seymour, IN 47274
(812) 445-3442 
Lawyer Excavation
6394 North U.S. Highway 31
Seymour, Indiana 47274
(812) 522-6467
McMahon Construction
1404 North 975 West
Medora, Indiana 47260
(812) 521-1461
Andy Mellencamp
6478 E. 950 N.
Seymour, IN 47274
(812) 216-1396
John Miller
8500 Beck's Gr. Rd
Freetown, IN 47235
(812) 988-0698
Jeremiah Percival
202 S Lake & Forest Dr
Brownstown, IN 47220
(812) 521-1973

Tony Peters
3427 S 300 E
Brownstown, IN 47220
(812) 358-5138
Rockford Outdoors LLC
216 High St
Seymour, Indiana 47274
(812) 569-0623
S & J Excavation
4259 N Co Rd 650 W
Seymour, IN 47274
(812) 530-2612

Schneider Trucking
340 E. Co Rd 450 N
North Vernon, IN 47265
(812) 592-1718

Spurgeons Backhoe Service
6640 West 300 North
North Vernon, Indiana 47265
(812) 392-2741
Tuttle's Backhoe Trenching
285 South 675 North
North Vernon, Indiana 47265
(812) 525-4531
Bane and Warren Construction
Box 54
Brownstown, Indiana 47220
(812) 358-3331
Wetzel's Construction
1851 West 600 North
Brownstown, Indiana 47220
(812) 497-3320
Willman Backhoe & Trenching
6256 North 200 West
Seymour, Indiana 47274
(812) 497-2520