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June 2014

Dairy Queen 115 W. Commerce St, Brownstown

5 Critical (dessert employee contacting non-inverted spoons with bare hands, abundance of flying insects in food establishment, mold forming on nozzles of ice cream dispensers, insects accumulating in liquid of trays in prep cooler, witnessed employee using sanitizing cloth return to food prep without changing gloves or washing hands)

25 Noncritical 4 Repeat (dessert spoons not stored inverted – 3rd

time repeat, dried dessert debris on mixer, water / milk collecting in upper holding pans of dessert prep table, heavy soil / food debris build-up on floor and equipment in dessert prep area – more frequent cleaning required, missing cove molding on back side of cash register counter, “fuzz” collecting on tile and wall around vent above drive thru, sanitizer solution for wiping clothes not changed frequent enough in dessert area, ice cream in hand sink by drive thru, hand sink not draining by drive thru, missing cove mold on end cap and wall by drink machine in drive thru – repeat, employee not wearing beard restraint while prepping sandwiches, dried soil build-up on top of door of ice cream cake freezer, gap at bottom of rear entrance door – repeat, hinges broke on chest freezer in food prep area, missing floor tile behind oven / chest freezer, food debris build-up forming behind chest freezer / oven area, mops not hung to air dry, wall deteriorating at floor juncture in mop room, mop sink standing nearly full of soiled water – not draining, trash and grease dumpster lids standing open – must remain closed, wall deteriorated behind cove molding behind ice maker, gap in floor between tile and walk-in cooler, food debris dried to edges of prep table by warewashing sink, floor in dining area requires more frequent and thorough cleaning around edges and corners, missing ceiling tiles above drive thru / fountain drink area)

Dairy Queen 115 W. Commerce St, Brownstown

Follow-up inspection

7 Critical 2 Repeat (abundance of fly’s in food establishment – repeat, dead fly on prep cooler work surface in dessert area, “ultimate” sauce in walk-in kept past manufacturers expiration date - discarded, no date marking on container of tartar sauce – discarded, employee contacting ice cream cone above paper wrapper with bare hand, portioned milk in back counter reach-in cooler above 41F – discarded, witnessed dessert employee with shake ingredients on hand walk to back prep area / obtain cleaning cloth / wiped hands on cloth and returned to food prep without washing hands)

19 Noncritical 7 Repeat (missing cove mold on wall by drink machine – 3rd time repeat, deteriorating wall by drive thru, sanitizer pale in dessert area over loaded with cleaning clothes, open box of spoons under dessert counter, build-up forming under and on equipment in dessert area – repeat, equipment in dessert area not cleaned frequent or thoroughly, two dessert employees wearing bracelets and rings, manager performing food prep without wearing hair restraint, inside of lid deteriorating on chest freezer in prep area, missing tile behind oven / chest freezer – repeat, wall deteriorated behind ice machine – repeat, witnessed employee place ice bucket on floor while filling, wet cleaning clothes on table in back prep area, mop left in bucket of soiled water – repeat, gap at bottom of rear entrance door – 3rd time repeat, holes in ceiling / tile in multiple areas, temperature measuring device in back counter reach-in cooler not easily visible, mold forming around door of ice bin on fountain drink machine by drive thru, gap in floor between tile and walk-in cooler – repeat)



Boy Scouts of America Camp Maumee 12975 W. Co Rd 950 N, Norman

Ready for summer operation


Jigg’s Café 5401 N. O’Neal St, Norman

9 Critical (out of date sour cream in prep cooler, dried food debris on knife stored on wall rack, out of date deli ham in cooler, no date marking / labeling on held over food product in cooler, molded food product in multiple unlabeled containers in cooler, out of date potato salad in cooler on sales floor, milk in cooler in ice cream area above 41F, pizza ingredients in cooler above 41F)

3 Noncritical (heavy grease build-up on vent hood filters, wood 2x4 used as table leg in prep area not sealed, no visible temperature measuring device in cooler)


Taco Mix 205 N. O’Brien St, Seymour

8 Critical 4 Repeat (witnessed multiple live roaches in food prep and grocery area – repeat, raw chicken left on deli slicer, milk in reach-in cooler above 41F – repeat, multiple held over food products above 41F – repeat, food product in prep cooler above 41F – repeat, roaches on trays and lids of prep table, tires leaned against rack containing exposed potatoes and onions, utensils not being sanitized during warewashing)

9 Noncritical 1 Repeat (wet cleaning cloth on multiple prep tables, wet mop leaned against wall in corner between table and wall – repeat, sack of dried beans stored on floor in grocery sales area, employee rinsing wiping clothes in hand sink, floors / walls / junctures not easily cleanable, cracks / holes / gaps in walls and floor, food prep employee not wearing hair restraint, deteriorated floor and wall in restroom, cracked / missing floor tile in food prep area)

Establishment closed by the Jackson County Health Department until corrections are made and passing inspection is performed.


Taco Mix 205 N. O’Brien St, Seymour

Facility approved to re-open


Burger King 1941 E. Tipton St, Seymour

No violations

Rockford Ridge 2200 N. Ewing St, Seymour

2 Critical (employee returned to food prep area without washing hands, grill cook contacted raw burger with gloved hand then contacted bun, deli paper, and fry bag without changing gloves or washing hands)

5 Noncritical 1 repeat (heavy grease / soil / debris build-up under and on equipment in food prep area – 4th time repeat, heavy food debris build-up on interior of small fridge, onions stored in milk crate on top of plastic dish pan and bucket of sliced pickles stored on floor, soap and too strong of concentration of sanitizer used in bucket containing wet cleaning clothes – must be kept in sanitizer only, food prep employee at grill wearing visor – unapproved hair restraint)


Buffalo Wild Wings 2008 E. Tipton St, Seymour

10 Noncritical 2 Repeat (3 employees performing food prep without hair restraints, employee performing food prep without beard restraint, wet cleaning cloth on wing sauce table, multiple warmer draws not functioning / sealing properly, wet cleaning cloth on work surface of grill prep cooler, unlabeled spray bottle containing water on grill prep cooler – repeat, soil build-up from hand and shoe contact on interior of walk-in freezer door, missing cove molding at floor / wall juncture by hand sink and walk-in freezer, mold forming in bin of ice maker – repeat, missing vent filters on grill exhaust hood)


White Castle 1970 E. Tipton St, Seymour

1 Critical (gravy not held above 135F)

2 Noncritical (wet cleaning clothes left on breakfast grill table, mop left in bucket by mop sink)


AVI / Aisin USA Dining 1700 E. 4th St, Seymour

Change of cafeteria operators from Canteen Vending to AVI