The Jackson County Compassion Club is a registered non-profit organization comprised of patients, caregivers, health and legal professionals, and the general public.  We are dedicated to advocating the rights of Michigan's medical marijuana patients.
We are many things to Michigan's medical marijuana patients, caregivers, families, and loved ones.  Our mission is centered around patients.  As part of our support:
  • We provide access to information.
  • We provide access to physicians.
  • We provide access to caregivers.
  • We provide access to attorneys.
  • We are a voice for patients rights in Jackson County.
  • We are organizers of events to benefit patients.
  • We provide education and training to patients and caregivers.
  • We provide a community where patients can meet caregivers.
  • We provide a network base for caregivers to meet other caregivers.
Hours of Operation:
Monday - Saturday: 10pm - 10pm
Sunday: Closed
Grow Classes will be suspended until we get 10 pre-registrations with $5 down.  $10 per class.
Please check out our calendar of events!  We have wonderful supportive and educational classes available.
 Straight-Up with Vic and Roger
Monday's 5-7pm
What's up with Medical Marijuana?