Jackson and Auggie: Adventure in the Hudson Valley
A ‘Tail’ by Two Sisters

ISBN: 978-1-60976-459-3
 The Magic Sleigh-
Custom made porcelain dog and cat
figurines and ornaments.
Boxer Ornament- Magic Sleigh

Siamese Ornament- Magic Sleigh
                        Stuffed Safari-                           
Plush animals and more!

                      True Treats Pet Bakery                                   Nutrient rich homemade dog and cat treats.

                           The Boxer Dog Shop-                                   An online shopping guide e-specially for Boxer fanciers- Boxer dog themed art, gifts and collectibles

                 The Siamese Store-                                    A division of Siamese Cat Rescue Center of Virginia, where you can shop & find gifts for all things Siamese.