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3. Surrealism, 4. Cave Painting

Surrealism- (Pine Bush)

Project Idea- Perspective Room Collage

Leading artists:-Salvador Dali, Jackson Pollock, Max Ernst,Andre Brenton, Joan Miro 

Materials- crayons, magazines

Draw your bedroom in perspective, use crayons to add color.  Look through magazine for items to collage into your bedroom.  Maybe you have a garden when you look outside the window you see flying hair combs or you sleep on a floating slice if pizza.  Write a short story about your newly improved room.


Cave Painting- (Museum Village)

Project idea- Personal Cave Painting

Visuals- Cave paintings 15,000-10,000 BC

Materials: Brown paper bag, chalk pastels, pictures of            animals

Cut a flat ‘piece of paper’ out of your brown bag.  Crumble and wet it.  Smooth it flat on a surface and use chalk pastels to draw your animal.  Traditional colors of black, browns, sepia and okras work best.