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5. Pop Art, 6. Aboriginal Art

Pop Art-(Woodbury Common)

Project Idea- Pop Art Photo

Leading artists- Andy Warhol, Jasper  Johns and Robert Raushenberg, Jim Dine, Claes Oldenburg, Wayne Thiebaud

Materials- camera, computer, imaging program, poster board

Take a close up picture of just your face.  Scan or open it in your computers image program. Use the filters to format and change the look of your photo. Change colors, invert them, pixilate them. Repeat at least 4 times, using the same photo but achieve a different final look.  Print all 4 pictures and glue them to poster board in a 4 quadrant box series.


Aboriginal Art- (Cornwall)

Project Idea- Dot Painting

Visuals- Australian Aboriginal Art

Materials- Acrylic paint, brushes, pencils

Draw a silhouette of an animal in the center of your page and create a symmetrical design in the background.  Paint all shapes a solid color.  Using coordinating colors create varied dot patterns; use the eraser of the pencil to make a large dot and the sharpened point for a smaller dot.