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1. Pointillism, 2. Regionalism

Pointillism-(Brotherhood Winery)

Project Idea- Still-Life with Light Source
Leading artists-Georges Seurat, Paul Signac, Vincent van Gogh, Camille Pissaro 

Materials- tempera paint (apply with q-tips), markers, or oil pastels

Lightly sketch your still life and map out areas of highlights and shadows.  Choose your material to work with and begin dotting color, starting with the darker colors first, layering up to lightest or brightest colors.  Dots should slightly overlap and colors should mix to create new colors.


Grant Wood/ Regionalism- (Black Dirt Farms)

Project Idea- Relief Sculpture

Visuals- Grant Wood landscapes

Materials- clay

Find a landscape picture for inspiration.  Draw image, concentrating on what’s within the foreground, middle ground and background, simplifying the shapes of these objects, example Wood’s “lollipop” trees. 

Roll a clay slab and trim it to a 6x9 “frame shape” of your choice.  Objects in the foreground should be raised relief, middle ground is original slab height and background objects should be counter-relief or carved in.