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9. Illumination, 10. Post-Impressionism

Illuminated Letter- (West Point)

Project Idea- "Illuminated" Initial

Visuals- Medieval Manuscripts

Materials- Oil Pastels, Chalk Pastels, Metallic colored pencils

Draw your initial in a fancy font in the center of your page.  Add a detailed border around the page.  Color the letter with metallic colored pencils (to add ‘illumination’), color behind your letter with a gradation of oil pastels (to help your letter stand out).  Lastly color the border using chalk pastels (blend colors together to create an intricate, realistic design).


Post- Impressionism-(Bear Mountain)

Project idea- Painted Paper Collage

Visuals- Henri Rousseau paintings

Materials- tempera paint, glue

Day 1- Paint analogous colors on strips of paper, mix pure colors directly on the paper to achieve varied colors and textures.  Vary brush strokes, stamp, straight, wavy etc.

Day 2- Decide on a design such as a flower and cut your painted paper into the necessary shapes. Glue your shapes down.