Project Ideas

Project Ideas - for Parents and Teachers

Each place that Jackson and Auggie visited was drawn in a different artistic style.  The art movement chosen represents the location though their history or visual appearance.

Brotherhood Winery:                                        Georges Seurat/ Pointillism

 Black Dirt Farms:                                                Grant Wood/ Regionalism

  Pine Bush:                                                        Salvador Dali/ Surrealism

   Monroe/ Museum Village:                                    Cave Paintings

   Woodbury Premium Commons Outlet:                 Andy Warhol/ Pop Art

     Cornwall:                                                              Dot Painting/ Aboriginal Art

Washington's Headquarters:                             Vincent van Gogh/ Impressionism

    Bannerman's Island:                                            Ansel Adams/ Monochrome Photography

West Point:                                                    Illuminated Letter/ Medieval Art

     Bear Mountain:                                                         Henri Rousseau/ Post-Impressionism