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Experiment and Graphing-

Project idea: Top Soil vs. Black Dirt

Grades: 2-4

Materials: Black dirt, topsoil, seeds, Styrofoam cups, water, ruler, graph paper

Plant seeds in small Styrofoam cups.  Place them both on window sill where they can get equal sunlight.  Water enough to keep dirt damp. Make predictions as to which seedling will grow quickest and tallest. Once seeds sprout, take weekly measurements and graph results. Which dirt resulted in the healthier plant?  Why do you think this is?


Sale Price vs. Retail Price-

Project idea: Create a Budget

Grades: 6-8

Materials: Store sale fliers

Outlet stores will often sell items for a discounted sales price. The store will discount an item by a percent of the original price. For example, an item that originally cost $20 may be discounted by 25%.

Give student a budget of $100 to do their holiday shopping.  Have them make a list of people they need to buy gifts for.  Use sale fliers from local stores to make shopping list (usually they list sale price and retail price). 

How will they spend their money?  How much did they save by shopping the outlet of sale price for items?  Why do stores run these kinds of deals?