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Project idea: Debate

Grades: 3-12

Do you believe in life on other planets?  Have students separate into teams of 2 or 3.  Assign them a stance (affirmative or negative).  Work together to create arguments to support their stance.  Present ideas to the class.  Discuss.

 Compare and Contrast-

Grades: 3-6

Materials: Computers, paper

Research and read about mastodons. 

Make a Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting a mastodon to a modern day elephant.

Discuss- Why do you think mastodons became extinct?  Do you think this will ever happen to elephants?  Why or why not?

 Reading Center-

Project idea: Treasure Map

Grades: 4-6

Read The Lost Treasure of Captain Kidd, by Peter Lourie.

What literary elements make this book historical fiction?

Make a treasure map, based on the ideas presented in the book, depicting where Captain Kidd’s treasure is hidden.  Include a key.