Jackson & Auggie!

Jackson is a 4 year old Seal-Point Siamese cat with white feet.  He was born in North Carolina but we've had him as a kitten.  He lives with a dog name Harley and 2 other cats, Lexie and Winny but he is the leader.  His favorite food is salmon but he's allergic to chicken!  Jackson is very curious and adventurous but a total cuddle bug.  You can barely lay down without him curled up in your arms! He loves to "dress up" and is very vocal in voicing what he wants!  

Auggie i
s a 3 year old fawn Boxer with white and black flashing.  He was born on a farm in South New jersey.  He came to live with us at 11 weeks old.  He loves to go for walks, go swimming and play
with his doggie friends.  Auggie lives with Henry, a 1 year old Blue Point Siamese cat.  They love to chase each other and take naps on the couch.  Auggie wants to be with us at all times.  He has a very sensitive stomach though, so he has to stick with dog food and gets NO table food! He thinks he is a lap dog and often sits right on top of anyone who will let him.  Auggie sleeps with us every night and gives us "hugs" when we get home.