3. Pine Bush, 4. Monroe

Pine Bush, NY- Nestled along the banks of the Shawangunk Kill in

 the shadow of the beautiful Shawangunk Ridge, the Pine Bush area was first settled early as 1740. Today, Pine Bush still offers a diverse and exciting array of shops, restaurants and services. Pine Bush is also widely regarded as the UFO capital of the east coast.



Monroe, NY- The Town of Monroe is located in southern Orange County in the State of New York.   The town is named after President James Monroe. It is also home to the original Velveeta Cheese factory, located in the Village of Monroe.


Museum Village Monroe, NY- Museum Village pursues the founder's vision (Roscoe William Smith) of educating generations of Americans about the work and life of their ancestors. Through educational

programs, hands-on-exhibits and special events Museum Village is dedicated to exploring and interpreting 19th century rural life as well as inspiring an appreciation for the evolution of industry and technology in America.  While visiting the exhibit buildings at Museum Village, visitors can shop in a 130-year-old general store, see a real Mastodon skeleton found in Orange county, dip a candle, step inside a 200-year-old log cabin, sit in a one-room schoolhouse, and watch a broom or coverlet being made.


 Thirty-eight mastodon specimens have been discovered in Orange County. Mastodon specimens from Orange County have been sent to Germany, Philadelphia, Baltimore, New York City, Albany, and London. Remains of more than 100 mastodons and 15 mammoths have been found in the state of New York.