7. Newburgh, 8. Fishkill

Washington’s Headquarters Newburgh, NY-

In the critical months that General George Washington spent at Newburgh, he made some of his most important contributions to shaping the American republic. It was here that Washington rejected the idea that he should be king after the war; ended the Newburgh conspiracy, preventing military control of the government; created and awarded the Badge of Military Merit, forerunner of the Purple Heart; and circulated a letter to State Governors that influenced the writing of the Constitution.


Bannerman’s Island- Once an uninhabited place, accessible only by boat, Bannerman’s Island was discovered by chance when while canoeing on the Hudson River, David Bannerman noted an island. The Bannerman’s purchased it from the Taft family in 1900 as a safe storage site. Mr. Bannerman began construction on a simulated Scottish castle and simple residence in 1901.  The business, known everywhere as “Bannerman’s” was founded in 1865 in Brooklyn. As more and more material was acquired, it moved several times, finally arriving at 501 Broadway, in Manhattan. From the Spanish War so much equipment and ammunition was bought that the laws of the city forced them to look for storage outside the city limits.  Equipment of every description as well as ammunition were shipped there for storage until sold.  During World War I Bannerman’s contributed cannons, uniforms, and blankets to the U.S. government