Jack's Mountain Riders


 Hello J.M.R.—I know I haven’t written in the newsletter for a couple months but right now I have been busy with my personal life in getting things done around the house that I have put off the last four years that I was an officer.  I had told Ray that this will be my last year in doing this until I know I can devote more time to ABATE and get these letters in on time and go on the rides so I know what to write about.  Well enough about that, We would really like to Thank Taylor for doing an excellent job in setting up the St. Judes’ Hospital Ride. She had a goal and to the best of my knowledge she met that goal. This was her first time in doing such a project for her school and we are very proud of her in all aspects of the event, Thanks Taylor.  I have to remind everyone that we have elections coming up and everyone that is going to vote must be a paid up member or your vote will not count. The Chapter is still going strong and we need to keep it that way so lets get to the meetings and cast them votes for the person you want to take charge in operating J.M.R. .  December will be the month we cast our votes, so get them dues paid up.  Since I haven’t been to the meetings lately, I’m not sure who is running for what but my next newsletter will have all the candidates and the position they are running for.  The four wheeler is at the Sportsman Club already for anyone to see and it’s a beauty, I saw it last weekend for myself. This only means that The Gun Raffle is just right around the corner and we will be starting all over again, But remember that this is are only means of revenue and J.M.R. along with The Union County Sportsman Club have been doing an excellent job in maintaining the way this Gun Raffle is going on, Keep up the GREAT WORK everyone and we will continue to see these results.  Well that is all I have for now so I hope I can make the next two meetings myself and cast my own vote, So until then I will say So Long.

-  Bull