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Crosley 51 with Frost horn

Jackpine Radio™ horn and cone speaker cords are new, old-style, braided-cloth covered, two-conductor, copper 'tinsel wire' cords - almost identical to the cords that were originally attached to your 1920's horn or cone speaker when it left the factory.

These ready-to-use speaker cords are available in four standard lengths of approximately 54 in. (4.5 ft), 72 in. (6 ft), 108 in. (9 ft) or 162 in. (13.5 ft). They are hand-wound with a coordinating whipped-thread trimming for a clean, finished look.

Jackpine Radio™ speaker cords cords are available with your choice of round-terminals or genuine nickel-plated brass 'phone tip' connectors on the driver connector end and additional  nickel-plated brass 'phone tip' connectors on the 'radio' end for plugging in to the phone connector holes or a radio plug adaptor for use on your vintage radio horn or cone speaker. The cords are not available with restraint ties.

Each cord is individually handmade with the same attention given as if I was making it for my own personal use - and as such, they are only available in limited quantities.

All terminals are soldered, and every cord is tested for connectivity after manufacture. All of the process takes place in a smoke and pet free environment in central Minnesota, USA.

You'll want a genuine Jackpine Radio™ speaker cord to get the best possible performance out of your vintage horn or cone speaker.

The current 80-90 year old cords on your speaker have most likely oxidized unseen beneath their cloth coverings or inside their terminals from years of leaky barn storage, rodent urine or ancient coffee spills. The coverings may be stiff from accumulated coatings of barn animal dust, bird droppings and cigarette smoke and may be unhealthy to bring into your home if you or family members have allergies.

Get rid of those 'ratty' cords. You may even be able to bring a horn speaker in the living room once that dirty cord has been replaced! 

Questions? Email me directly at Jackpine_Radio@yahoo.com.

 - Jackpine Radio, Denton L. Newman Jr.

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