Medieval Adventure in the English Midlands

Robert Aston
Jack O' Beans and Jack O' Knaves
are now published by 'New Generation Publishers',
and joined by 'Jack O' War' to form a trilogy.
These are available from the publishers,
on the internet,
and in the Dudley Area at:
Dudley Zoological Gardens and Castle,
The Black Country Living Museum,
 'Premier Entertainment' (in Dudley's Fountain Arcade).

 Last amended on the 30th of January,  2018

 Before we start, 
 this is me.
     Good Marzen and well come         
to the world
  of medieval England.
The vehicles for our journey are three novels 
that are set in and around the castle and town of Dudley,
These lie in an area of England whose mineral resources enabled it to become a 'cradle of the Industrial Revolution'. 

Now known as 'The Black Country' because of its coal mines and industry, its medieval heritage is largely overlooked.
 These medieval adventure stories seek to change that.
They intertwine Recorded Facts, Fiction and Fable.

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       ISBN 978 178 719 1129                 ISBN 978 178 719 1136                 ISBN 978 178 719 0115