My name is Sudan Jackson - I am an American living in Germany and an avid Stargazer who has come to love this hobby since the first time I was dazzled by a show in New York‘s Hayden Planetarium. What will you find on this website? 
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Amateur Telescope Making
for me this is what it's all about - building their instruments to study the sky and the true pride that can only come from seeing the sites of the universe through a device made with your own two hands...  
The Lichtenberg Observatory
I kid you not - there is nothing like the feeling you get from a short walk through the garden and then sound of rolling wheels and finanlly the breathteaking view of the heavens from the inside of your very own backyard observatory. 
  Astronomy Pictures
The feeling you get from viewing sun spots, craters on the moon, the rings of Saturn or the feathery whisps of the veil nebula is truly unique.  Nonetheless, sometimes we wish to capture these moments as best we can.  Pictures

Enjoy the site!
Sudan Jackson
(aka "Jacko")

Pic(k) of the Month

The Great Orion Nebula - this Photo was taken in my Backyard using a Nikon D40 and my new 80mm f/5.5 ED Refractor.

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