Jack Longacre

Jack Longacre  founded the Highpointers Club, a club for people interested in climbing the 50 State High Points. Before Jack passed away in 2002 he asked that his ashes be scattered on these peaks. Highpointers have honored this wish, and also left a bit of Jack on peaks all over the planet.

We have tried to list these peaks below, and include pictures when available. If you would like to participate in this effort and add info to this site, please contact  <oldadit at gmail dot com>  to be made a collaborator.

Foreign Peaks

The Ashes Project
If you climb an interesting peak, Jean Trousdale will send you a packet of Jack's ashes, in return for a short trip report and photo for the album. Email <HP.Merc at Highpointers dot org> or Phone (405) 329-6189.

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