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Born in 1926 in West Chester, Pennsylvania, Jack Jurden grew up in Allentown, Pennsylvania and graduated from Allentown High School.  He credits his father, who was a professional artist, with inspiring him to draw.  From the time he was young, he drew and doodled all the way through school. 


After serving in the 77th Division in the South Pacific during World War II, Jack began working at the Call Chronicle newspaper in Allentown as a photo engraver.  In 1962, Jack moved his career to the Wilmington News Journal, first starting as a photo engraver until his talents in drawing and commentary were recognized and he became the editorial cartoonist.  Throughout the years, Jack has drawn and met numerous politicians, including Presidents Johnson, Nixon, Carter, Ford and Reagan. 


 Jack is known for his ability to make people think AND laugh at the same time, with social/economic/political commentary on one side and humor on the other.  Whether or not readers agree with his points of view on the many topics he’s targeted over the years, readers know that he is an intelligent, trustworthy and engaging source of information and entertainment.  Jack is also known for his side-kick, Phinnius the frog, who usually appears in the corners of his cartoons and always has something to say.


Jack has been a member of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists since 1964, and served as president for two years.  He has won national and local awards including the Freedom Foundation Award.


Jack has now created this website, a  modern-day canvas, to share his many years of cartoons and artwork.  Enjoy the art.  Enjoy the commentary.  Enjoy the cartoons.  And most importantly don't forget to laugh!

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