Welcome to another great year at PAHS!  I am looking forward to meeting with you re. plans for after high school, scheduling and for many other reasons.  If I can help you to be successful in anyway this year, please stop in and see me.  Have a great 2014-15 school year!
Seniors:  I would like to meet with you to check credits, find out your plans, and tell you about all the opportunities that are available to you this year.  Please stop in after the 1st week and schedule a time that works in your schedule for a meeting.  I will also be givning you a senior snapshot, so we can highlight you before the end of the year!  Looking forward to seeing you sometime soon!
Juniors:  Before you graduate, you will have the opportunity to take 3 college visit days.  You can choose to do those as a junior or senior.  Stop in and see me if you would like some more information, and for help with setting up your visit.  I look forward to helping you plan for your future.