Which is the best method to put right 0x8000401B ?

Recourse: I always receiving 0x8000401B alert when startup my computer recently and it's quite annoying, why do I have this 0x8000401B error and did you guy have same problem and how you solved? Any advice will be welcome, thanks in advance! -- Rodolfo Rowe

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  • PC frequently crashes with Error "0x8000401B";
  • Windows may restart itself by chance;
  • computer is running slow and take longer than 3 minutes to launch a program;
  • Occasional boot errors;
  • Error messages concerning about "0x8000401B" appear.

Methods of Fixing 0x8000401B

Manually preventing the 0x8000401B error can be scary job for users who is not professional in computer. When applying this method to deal with the problem you must discuss all the potential causes and try them one by one until you discover the positive method. The easiest way is using an automatic fixing tool, such as SmartPCFixer. For detailed fixing process please follow comming steps.

1. Click below download button to get 0x8000401B Error Fixer.

2. Open the 0x8000401B repair tool, it will start a thorough scan for your system automatically, and it will generate a result of errors and threats which need to be removed on your computer.


3. By clicking on 'Fix All' button, the 0x8000401B error will be settled together with some more threates that was grasped in previous step.


Other Methods

Remove Registry Entry

1. Type regedit in start menu searchbox and press Enter. It'll open Registry Editor
2. The Registry Editor has two panes. The left pane is to navigate on certain registry keys and the right pane is to see values of keys that you select.

3.If you want to delete,then in the left pane select you want and in the left pane right click to delete it.

Tips: We highly recommend use SmartPCFixer to kill 0x8000401B problem and protect your computer system regularly.

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