Jackie Carroll

Painting the Wildness in Nature 


Painting the wildness in nature that is quickly disappearing. gives me the time to study the complexity and order inside plants, animals and trees, and the way  light changes the scene from moment to moment..   Lone egrets fishing, vultures circling, wild geese raising their families in weed covered lagoons inspire me.  Giant Sequoias and coastal Redwoods amaze me with their strength and beauty.  Painting a vineyard or a lake vista shimmering in the setting sun is my bliss.

Art has always been woven into my life, as a mother, friend, psychologist, poet and photographer.  My road led from studying art at San Francisco State to completing a PhD in Clinical Psychology at U.C. Davis.   At present, my paintings reflect the river and lake vistas in Fair Oaks, where I live. 

Traveling with my husband throughout California and around the world has inspired images that appear in many of my works.  My primary medium is oil, using a palette knife and/or brushes, but I have worked with soft pastels and watercolor at times.  Sharing the wonder of the changing seasons and relationships in nature through my paintings is my hope.  My preference is to paint outdoors with light and shadow composing the images and providing the inspiration.  These quick works are often finished in my studio with the help of photos and my own sense of composition. 

My paintings have been exhibited locally at the Procissi Wine and Art Gallery, the Chroma Gallery, Amore Cafe, and have been juried into shows at the Sacramento Fine Arts Center, KVIE Art Auction, the Nature Conservancy and the Napa Valley Museum.