Change management software
Emergent LLC offers 
Change management software  called Change Accelerator suitable for large as well as small businesses that are planning to bring about change in their operations and organization. It is a very user-friendly set of tools that is useful to be used in various fields. As it has been developed after years of research and study, the results are of top quality. The Change management software  will plan change in 6 steps and assist you at every step to ensure complete success of the plan. Go ahead and learn more about how this software can be of help to your company to excel.   Emergent LLC has developed Change management tools kit called Change Accelerator aimed at assisting efficiently the organizations in implementing and sustaining change. The toolkit consists of more than 60 tools meant for various kinds of changes, assessment, tests and training depending on the business area. One can purchase these change management tools individually or as a whole set for their organization and use them accordingly. Right from assessing the need for change to determining the extent and stages of changes, these tools will prove to be of great help in upgrading your organization. 
An organization's success is more dependent on the employees than on the system on which it runs. The Change management training  by Emergent LLC is a complete training module prepared to equip teams and individuals for implementing change. The training can be given to members of all business fields and thus it is very useful training. Along with the change management training one can purchase the whole change management module or just the few tools that are necessary to implement the change plan. Go ahead and get your team ready to take your company to great heights.