Jack Frost Morris

Jack Frost musicians at Oamaru Victorian Fete 2009.


Jack Frost is a lively, irreverent Morris dancing side in Dunedin, New Zealand. As far as we know, we are the southernmost performing Morris side in the world. (Although morris dancing has taken place in the Antarctic, we haven't heard of a permanent side being established there yet.)


Morris is an energetic and entertaining traditional English dance form, usually performed with sticks or handkerchiefs to the accompaniment, often of pipe and tabor, tin whistle, drum, melodion/accordion, and sometimes other instruments. Wikipedia, as ever, has more information for anyone who is interested.

Jack Frost's instrumental arsenal currently relies mainly on pipe and tabor and piano accordion, but has included a rauschpfeife, djembe, mandolin, violin and badger!. We don't use hankies, OH NO, not at all, only sticks (in Morris terminology, we are mainly a Border side). Many of our dances are accompanied by songs (often of a bawdy nature) and sometimes we just sing songs for fun as well. 


When it's cold, dark, or wet: indoors at Nga Maara Hall, Sacred Heart School, NEV. When it's warm, light, and dry: at the bandstand (or soundshell) in the Dunedin Botanic Gardens (click the links for directions).


Currently (from April 2019) we are usually practising at 8-9pm on Tuesday at Sacred Heart School, NEV. Occasionally we have other public dance-outs; these are listed on our calendar. Many of us participate in the occasional singing session too, though these are seldom public performances.

Would you like to contact us, see us, engage us for an event, or join us?

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An essential function of morris is to make the                    
sun set/rise.