Authors: Weinberger, Eliot

Links to some pieces in Jacket magazine that mention Eliot Weinberger

Jacket 2 - James Laughlin (1914-1997)
Excerpt: Publisher and poet James Laughlin died on November 10, 1997, of a stroke. Laughlin was more than the greatest American publisher of the 20th century; his press was the 20th century. Williams led to Rexroth who led to Snyder who led to Bei Dao; Dame Sitwe...

Jacket 2 - Eliot Weinberger - Vomit
Excerpt: He lived in the age before MTV. A few nights later, I stared again, this time at their annual self- celebration, "The MTV Awards." I soon began to notice vomit everywhere; far more vomit on television, in movies or the latest novels, than one normally se...

Jacket 3 Eliot Weinberger: on Omar Cáceres
Excerpt: A Chilean, born in 1906, who worked as a violinist in an all-blind orchestra, of which he was the only sighted member. In 1933, hearing that a group of young poets was meeting in a café to put together an anthology of the new Chilean poetry, he walked in, waited until one of them was alone, gave him a poem, and left.

Jacket 4 - Ísland
Excerpt: Iceland has created the most perfect society on earth, one from which the rest of the world has nothing to learn.

Jacket 5 - Eliot Weinberger - Can I Get a Witness?
Excerpt: The first part of this article was published in the Village Voice Literary Supplement in July 1996, and was the first public declaration of the pseudonymity of Araki Yasusada. > Yasusada, regardless of authorship, is very much an American Japanese poet: ...

Jacket 6 - Eliot Weinberger - "What Was Formalism?"
Excerpt: Eliot Weinberger : What Was Formalism? I HAVE RECENTLY come across an anthology with a fire-alarm red cover, an inflammatory title (Rebel Angels), and a gaseous introduction whose first word is "Revolution." Rebel Angels collects the poems, each labeled w...

Jacket 9 - Nathaniel Tarn reviews Selected Non-Fictions by Jorge Luis Borges, Eliot Weinberger (Translator), Esther Allen, Suzanne Jill Levine
Excerpt: In Latin America, he also points out, Borges's essays are often considered to be the best of Borges. This volume reveals Borges the scholar as none other has before and revels in the intimate links between his fiction and non-fiction while carefully dist...

Jacket 11 - Eliot Weinberger - Renga - ten prose poems
Excerpt: Sitting in the last row of the plane next to a Belizean woman of uncertain age. The choice for lunch was pasta, fish, or chicken, but by the time the meal cart reached us, there was only pasta or fish. My seatmate smiled sweetly at the stewardess and said, "Next time you'll have to kill more chickens."...

Jacket 14 - Bei Dao: 13 poems, trans. Weinberger and Man-Cheong
Excerpt:A river brings a trout to the plate / brother alcohol and father sorghum / ask me to spend the night, the glass / has the wrinkles of a murderer / the hotel clerk stares at me / I hear his arrhythmic heart / that heart now bright now dim / lighting the registration form

Jacket 16 - Eliot Weinberger in conversation with Kent Johnson
Excerpt: I am not a critic, so I don’t write prescriptions. And I am especially not an academic critic (left or right) in that I don’t write the same prescription for all ailments. There is no agenda for the American ‘avant-garde poetic spirit’; it will be transformed when someone writes the work that transforms it. Nevertheless, in this moment when the war has finally ‘come home,’ one would hope that there will be a new poetry of a political engagement deeper, or more realistic, than the Jesuit Baroque of so-called theory.

Jacket 23 - Eliot Weinberger: At the Death of Kenneth Rexroth
Excerpt: In the last 25 years, despite the so-called “poetry boom” and the thousands of poetry books published yearly, most of the important American poets have died with most of their work unpublished or out of print.

Jacket 23 - Eliot Weinberger: Rexroth From the Chinese
Excerpt: [Excerpts from the introduction to The New Directions Anthology of Classical Chinese Poetry, edited by Eliot Weinberger, New Directions 2003.] In 1956, Kenneth Rexroth had a poetry bestseller with his One Hundred Poems from the Chinese. One Hundred was f...

Jacket 30 - July 2006 - Eliot Weinberger: Niedecker/ Reznikoff
Excerpt: Much, perhaps too much has been written about Lorine Niedecker’s relations with Louis Zukofsky — her friend, colleague, lover, commiserater, and 40-year obsession — but the curious thing is that if one knew no biographical details, it would be difficult to put them together as poets. Only rarely in their writings do they resemble each other, usually in those moments when they resemble William Carlos Williams. In contrast, almost nothing has been said about Niedecker’s true kindred spirit in poetry, Charles Reznikoff.

Jacket 31 - October 2006 - Eliot Weinberger: «Preface Against the Forgetting: Selected Poems» by Hans Faverey, trans. by Francis Jones
Excerpt: > > Faverey: All is born of moisture, / even life s heat. > > Heraclitus: Nature loves to hide. > > Faverey: What hides beneath the / wordline, hides all but / in vain....

Jacket 33 - July 2007 - Cliff Fell: Eliot Weinberger, «What happened here» (second edition) and «Muhammad», both published by Verso, 2006.
Excerpt: Cliff Fell reviews > Eliot Weinberger, What happened here (second edition) and Muhammad, both published by Verso, 2006. Given the horrors and the nightmarish worlds of its subject matter the Iraq War and the maladministration of what Weinberger likes to c...

Jacket 34 - October 2007 - Michael Duszat: «An Elemental Thing», by Eliot Weinberger
Excerpt: What matters most in these pieces is the sheer abundance of exotic detail, as well as the simple beauty of the stories. Often, they contain wonderful mysteries, which, however, they do not explain but only circumscribe, so that they remain enigmatic at heart.

Jacket 28 - October 2005 - Eliot Weinberger: Kenneth Cox
Excerpt: Kenneth Cox was one of those, but, perhaps uniquely, he was neither a poet nor a writer of short fictions, but a literary critic. He published his first, and only, book of essays at age 85. Its title carried understatement to austerity...