About Jack Dogg Fitness

Jack Dogg Fitness, LLC, is a personal training and group exercise business that provides hundreds of clients with real insight on how to optimize the vessel we all take for granted in our waking day:  Our physical body.   Most people give up aspiring how to reach their true physical potential because they simply don't know the real training principles regarding how to go about it.  Having a background in the physical sciences as well as having seen my own goals realized (tripled my strength and muscle mass naturally, lost body fat, increased stamina and REDUCED sick days), I can honestly say knowledge is everything.  As you develop muscle memory and new fitness techniques, you'll discover the secrets to true longevity, including how to activate muscles that have been dormant most of your life and how to minimize energy expenditure to more than triple your stamina. 

Working with hundreds of clients that have gotten results,  Jack Dogg Fitness wishes to continue conveying the same principles I've mastered to my clients and readership so they too can lead more enriched lives in body, spirit, and as you'll discover by understanding the true mechanics of exercise science, the mind as well!   Try one our programs for a six week trial, if you're not getting results, we'll give you your money back!  Guaranteed!!

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