Jack W. Boorse

Jack Boorse was a nationally-respected civil engineer whose life's passion was rail transit.  He was Chief Traffic Engineer for the City of Philadelphia and helped to design Light Rail Transit systems in 12 cities throughout the United States from the 1980s into the 2000s.  From early childhood, Jack loved nearly everything about streetcars, riding and photographing them with his father, Wilbur Boorse (1904-1991), an electrical inventor who served as the longest-standing employee in the history of Philadelphia's transit authority.  

Jack collected articles about trains and trolleys throughout his entire life, and is the author of Rapid Transit in Canada (1968) and Philadelphia in Motion (1976).  Jack passed away in 2012 while he was working on Maryland's Red Line and Purple Line projects.  Much of his private collection now resides in the archives of transit museums.

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This site contains Jack Boorse's lifetime accumulation of files on rail transit, except for what is in the hands of museums and private collectors.  It is intended to be a resource for professionals, historians and enthusiasts. 

In 1973 Jack became the custodian of the collection of William H. Watts II, whose own research spanned many decades and international boundaries. The remnants of the Watts collection are here commingled among Jack's materials.

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