Welcome to the section of the “Jack Benny in the 1940s” website that is covering “Jack Benny in the 1930s”~!

    If this seems like somewhat of an oxymoron, I’ll try to explain:

    Firstly, I’m well aware of the fact that there remains a lot of work to be done for the 1940s section of my web site, such as filling in the missing episode descriptions, articles that need to be completed/written, listing each of Don Wilson’s program introductions, more credits, etc. 

     As I wrote elsewhere on this site, I first began my research into the Jack Benny radio program back in 1989/1990. At that time I planned to publish three different logs; “Jello Again: Jack Benny in the 1930s”, “Your Money or Your Life: Jack Benny in the 1940s”, and “We’re a Little Late, Folks: Jack Benny in the 1950’s”.  When I began this website in 2008, in order to keep my work on the site at a somewhat manageable level I decided to focus solely on my personal favorite era of the Benny program: the 1940s.

    Since starting the site, I have received a number of requests to upload episode logs of the earlier, 1930’s era Jack Benny radio programs onto the website. While I did feel that it was a very good idea, I also felt that I wouldn’t be able to devote my full attention to those years yet, with so much left to do for the 1940s section.  Well, luckily, Graeme Cree has stepped up and offered to cover the 1930s episodes, and is doing a very wonderful job with ‘em. You can read more about Mr. Cree on our site, on our "Contributors" page.

    All of the season logs for the 1930s are now up~!!   See the links on the left side of this page, or click below, to go to a particular season log:

The May 1932-January 1933 Season

The March-June 1933 Season

The Oct 1933-April 1934 Season

The April-Sept 1934 Season

The 1934-1935 Season

The 1935-1936 Season

The 1936-1937 Season

The 1937-1938 Season

The 1938-1939 Season

The 1939-1940 Season

     I am glad that my website is slowly becoming more of an ‘all-purpose” guide to all things Benny for Jack Benny fans, rather than the somewhat narrow focus of how it began.  Perhaps one day I’ll have to “re-launch” the site with a more encompassing title than “Jack Benny in the 1940s”~!