Aspolite Engineers (I) Pvt. Ltd. is a leading service provider in cabling, installation and commissioning of electrical, electronic and weapon systems onboard defence ships for Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard. They have their presence in leading shipyards in India; Goa Shipyard Ltd., Mazgaon Dock Ltd. (Mumbai) to name a few.

           We are privileged to have associated with them and we have built a product that has allowed them focus more on their core business. This has helped them increase their revenue by efficiently allocating jobs and monitoring closely the progress. This now also allows them generating reports at will and has increased overall performance of the company. 

            No human intervention needed now, that could have otherwise resulted into huge revenue losses due to miscalculations.

            JHealth is a provider of innovative solutions that deliver real benefits to the healthcare industry. Image and video capture is the cornerstone of their solution portfolio. Combining these imaging solutions with other products creates synergies that will change the way everybody thinks about healthcare software.

            In the process of developing a product that will create a report electronically and will deliver it to HealthLink. HealthLink is an internationally recognised health systems integrator. More than 15,000 medical practitioners connect to HealthLink every day. 

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