Jacek A. Rothert

Associate Professor

Department of Economics, U.S. Naval Academy


Ph.D., Economics, U of Minnesota
MA, Economics, U of Warsaw
MA, Economics, U of Sussex

Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Exec. Leadership
Kiel Institute for the World Economy, Adv. Studies Program

Research Areas

Macroeconomics, International Economics

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PUBLICATIONS (including accepted and forthcoming)

Local containment policies and country-wide spread of Covid-19 in the United States: An Epidemiologic Analysis - Regional Studies (2023) [link]
(w/ Ryan Brady and Michael Insler)

Non-traded Goods, Factor Markets Frictions, and International Capital Flows - Review of Economic Dynamics (2023) [link]
(w/ Jacob Short)

Optimal federal redistribution during the uncoordinated response to a pandemic - Journal of Public Economic Theory (2021) [link]

Strategic inefficiencies and federal redistribution during uncoordinated response to pandemic waves - European Journal of Political Economy (2021) [link]

Optimal teleworking agreements vs. yearning for normality when vaccine is on the horizon - Economics Bulletin (2021) [link]

International Business Cycles in Emerging MarketsInternational Economic Review (2020) [link]

Socio-economic factors and happiness: evidence from self-reported mental health data - Empirical Economics (2020) [link]
(w/ Douglas VanDerwerken and Ethan White)

Redistributive Fiscal Policies and Business Cycles in Emerging Economies  -  Journal of International Economics (2018) [link],
(with Amanda Michaud)

Does the threat of suspension curb dangerous behavior in soccer? A case study from the Premier League - Journal of Sports Economics (2018) [link]
(with Douglas VanDerwerken, and Brice Nguelifack), summary on [VOXEU

On the Savings Wedge in International Capital Flows - Economics Letters (2016) [link]

Monitoring, Moral Hazard, and Turnover - Economic Theory (2015) [link]

Optimal Borrowing Constraints and Growth in a Small Open Economy - Journal of International Economics (2014) [link]
(with Amanda Michaud)


Winners and Losers from Reducing Global Imbalances (w/ Ayse Dur and Andy Glover), submitted, under review

The Fragmented United States of America: The impact of scattered lock-down policies on country-wide infections
Covid Economics (2020) [link], (w/ Ryan Brady and Michael Insler), summary on [VOXEU], [SSRN]

Covid-19 lockdowns under imperfect redistribution: stylized facts and theory, (w/ Joshua Lawrence), under review [SSRN]

RER risk and FDI flows: Evidence and Theory from the European Union (w/ Alex McQuoid and Katherine Smith) [new version coming soon!]

Inequality, Fiscal Policy and Business Cycle Anomalies in Emerging Markets - Bank of Poland Working Paper 253 (2016)
(w/ Amanda Michaud)

Business Cycle Accounting in a Small Open Economy (w/ Mohammad Rahmati) 


Inter-temporal trade-offs of teleworking agreements during a pandemic: workforce capital vs. cumulative output

Beyond risk sharing: FDI and the tangible gains from international financial integration (w/ Alex McQuoid and Katherine Smith)

Foreign Direct Investment over the International Business Cycle (w/ Alex McQuoid and Katherine Smith)

Does FDI crowd out domestic investment? Lessons from the European (Monetary) Union (w/ Alex McQuoid and Katherine Smith)

Fiscal Cyclicality in Emerging Markets: Did Covid-19 speed up the graduation? (w/ Ergys Islamaj)

The Fear of First Strike: Quantitative Theory of Delayed Punishments (w/ Diego Gebhardt and Scott Kaplan)

Mailing Address 

Department of Economics

U. S. Naval Academy

589 McNair Road

Annapolis, MD  21402-5030