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Remember that kid down the street with the old radio shack buggy? Or the dudes playing with their planes at the park? Or even the old tyco RC commercials during your scooby doo commercial breaks? That's what we're all about, to have fun and enjoy some rc's. I'm going to attempt to maintain this site with all the info, pictures, and reviews an rc fan will/can need to get themselves started in this hobby. Most of the rc's on this site will be hobby grade, not the cheap stuff you can pick up at Walmart.  So welcome to the site all RC enthusiasts... if you're not one hopefully by the end of some light reading I've convinced you to head down to your local hobby shop or check out some online shops and join the rc fun!

What the heck is going on?

This website is going to be my attempt to collect and maintain as much information about smaller scale RCs as I can. Most of the stuff I'm going to put in will be electric or FE (fast electric) rc models but I will collect and add more information in as time continues. Most of my models are in the 1/18th and lower scales (as you can see) and these are the ranges where I have the most knowledge off. Please do not hesitate to check out the links on the site or to contact me! Hopefully in the near future I will purchase a paid plan with its on web address rather than its free site. Until then cheers!

Please note this is my collected information that I have on RCs... in no way am I saying I am an expert! The beauty of this hobby is to explore the vast areas it covers... I am in no way completely an expert in them! This is my information and projects I have undertaken. Happy modding! Cheers.

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