Welcome to JABSOM's Emergency Medicine Interest Group

Welcome to the Emergency Medicine Interest Group for the John A. Burns School of Medicine or EMIG for JABSOM!  This website was created for those JABSOM medical students interested in Emergency Medicine whether it be for residency and beyond or otherwise.  Please feel free to browse and comment on how we should improve.

"Emergency medicine is the medical specialty dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of unforeseen illness or injury. It encompasses a unique body of knowledge as set forth in the "Model of the Clinical Practice of Emergency Medicine."1 The practice of emergency medicine includes the initial evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and disposition of any patient requiring expeditious medical, surgical, or psychiatric care. Emergency medicine may be practiced in a hospital-based or freestanding emergency department (ED), in an urgent care clinic, in an emergency medical response vehicle or at a disaster site."
- American College of Emergency Physicians

Meet Our Team
Our officers work to provide opportunities to JABSOM students to explore the field of Emergency Medicine and further their skills.

Queen's Shadowing Program (QSP)
The Queen's Shadowing Program provides EMIG JABSOM with the opportunity to learn about emergency medicine first hand through career shadowing.

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Find out more about upcoming events and opportunities being put on by EMIG.

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