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Materials needed for one

Size 10 crochet hook
Size 30 Crochet Cotton or Size 12 Pearl Cotton (DMC Flower Thread or Ginnie Thompson Flower Thread works well too).
In White, Yellow, and border color (example is a light purple)
Cloth covered wire 18" lengths size 28 or 32 (the smallest you can find) or 4 strands of crochet cotton.  This will be referred to as PC in the directions.
(won't hold as stiffly but a good option if you want it completely washable).

Petal (make 6):
Row 1:: With yellow ch. 21, turn.
Row 2:Sc. in 4th ch (ch 3, sc. in next ch) to end of beg ch.  Fasten off.
Row 3: Fold 1 wire in half.  With white do a sc. start in same place as first stitch of ROW 2 and in between the wires of  the doubled wire where you folded it.  Sc. over wire and next ch to end.  Ch 2 , turn.
  Row 4Hdc in front lps only to end, ch 3 , hdc in bk lps  to end, ch 2, turn.
Row 5:Working in both lps,  hdc to ch 3, 7 hdc in ch 3 (mark 1st and last st ) , hdc to end , ch 2, turn.
Row 6:Hdc to mark, 2 hdc in each st to next mark,( mark 1st and last st ) hdc to end, ch 2 , turn.
Row 7:Repeat Row 6
Row *Hdc in each stitch around.  Fasten off
Row (With border color use sc. start and ch 3 sc. in each st around.  Leave a 5 to 6 in. tail on each end.  Weave tails to center and make sure each end goes around the wire from front to back and draw tight and tie off.

Twist the wires of three petals together tightly making sure right sides are facing.  Place each of the next three petals where they would overlap the opening of two of the center petals.  Twist tightly.  Open and curve 3 outer petals gently downward.  Pull inner petals slightly outward and curve gently in.

copyright by Jill Van Wieren 6/20/2000
Jill van wieren,
Jul 24, 2010, 6:46 AM