Jabalpur Development Vision 

 Dipinder Sekhon, June 2008




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This project seeks to create a "Development Vision for Jabalpur".
In phase 1 (~ 1 month), we are trying to identify key actors in public, private and NGO space, existing initiatives plans and trends, city resources and potential. For this we are meeting and interviewing several people - Politicians, Bureaucrats, Businessmen, Civil Society and Interest Groups, Common people - and trying to understand their perceptions and views.

In phase 2 (~ 1 month), we plan to compile all views, analyse relative divergence or convergence, compare with other cities and come up with a "Development Vision for Jabalpur".

    Possible concrete benefits, outcomes :
  • The project report could help develop an integrated actionable vision for development and growth of Jabalpur. It will be readily accessible to all key stakeholders and actors.
  • The project could help in better engagement of common residents, civil society and non-resident Jabalpurians in Jabalpur's development.
  • This research initiative could act as a first step which could lead to greater actions and outcomes later.