Technology Design

Mock Exhibit for Exploratorium

Designed an interactive exhibit with inter-dependent technical components to demonstrate my technical design and documentation skills to Eric Dimond in Outdoor at the Exploratorium, precussor to Studio for Public Spaces, my current employ.  Used Google Sites to document schematic and development design phases of different components.

Capacitive Sensor

Capacitive Sensor Design
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Jet Sketch

Water Jet Design
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Pitch Memory

Pitch Memory

Refurbished both the electronics and shell of this exhibit for Ray Grunig at the Exploratorium.  The electronics involved replacing old circuits with a new Arduino board.  This required programming the Arduino via Processing and interfacing with electronic inputs and outputs.

Human Clock

Human Clock

Wrote a JAVA library for the development of Human Clock by North Pitney in New Media at the Exploratorium. This library took body coordinate inputs from an XBox Connect and transformed them into digital clock times so that people's imitations of analog time could be stored by the database as actual indexed times.

World Trade Center (WTC) Memorial Competition Entry & Autonomous Adaptive Agents

Vita di Luce (VdL) - WTC Memorial Competition Entry

VdL Night

In the face of such death and destruction on 9/11, the inspiration for this project was bringing inanimate architecture alive, so that the built environment literally learns from its world and creates novel feedback with continued experience.  The intent is to bring people together and learn more about themselves via technology.
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VdL Diagram

The centerpiece of this project is an interactive obelisk that takes the crowd's dynamic information as input and outputs novel complex dynamic patterns based on this input.  These displayed patterns are then selected/deselected over time based on how vigorously the crowd responds.  This inspired research and development into autonomous adaptive agents.
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Autonomous Adaptive Agents

SOARSE Diagram

Technical development of this project has inspired the acquisition of many product design and documentation skills.
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