Herman Melville 

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                Herman Melville was born on August 1, 1819, to Maria 

and Allen Melville.  He was the third child of eight. His early 

education was done in his hometown, New York City, where he 

attended Columbia Preparatory School (New York City Male School). 

During his early years, Melville was able to cultivate his love for 

witting when he used to listen to his father talk about the giant 

waves of the ocean, mountains high, and of   Liverpool.

            Melville's father had problems in his business deals as a commissioner merchant and thus decided to move his family to Albany in 1830, where he hoped to enter the fur business. The sudden move ended in a failure and two years later, Melville's father Allen died leaving his family in poverty. Melville then continued his schooling. As soon as Melville was old enough, he applied for a  job as a cabin boy on a New York Ship, where the ship was on its way to Liverpool. He was able to make the voyage. On his return he didn't wait long enough to wait to get on another ship.  

            Melville was an adventurous man who in 1841 decided to go on a cruise to Fairhaven, Massachusetts. This voyage was headed to the Pacific Ocean and  lasted eighteen months. During his travels he decided to leave the ship at the Marquesas Islands. He then lived for   three weeks with natives. He then was able to get on another ship and sail to Hawaii where he stayed in Honolulu for four months and worked as a clerk during his stay. He was later able to join a crew that was setting    aboard a United States ship, where he was then able to reach Boston.      

            On his return back to the United States, Melville was started writing his novels, which were based on the experiences he faced at sea. In his novel, Redburn, which was published in 1849, he writes about his first trip to sea that he experienced as a cabin boy. During his second voyage' his most famous novel, Moby Dick, was developed. His stay with the natives was later described in his novel Typee which then would develop into another book called Omoo.The one novel that made Melville recognized as an adventurous man was Typee, which caught most of the reader's attention and interest.Melville was influenced in his writing by his close friend Nathaniel Hawthrne. 

            At first Melville had no trouble finding publishers to publish his books. During his time of glory, Melville married Elizabeth Shaw on August 4, 1847.They were then able to purchase a farm in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. He would then occupy himself on his farm and with his writing.

            During this time of his life, he when he developed one of his most famous works of literature, Moby Dick, which turned out to not be successful during his time. His novel would then be rediscovered. Eventually it would become a widely recognized important novel in American literature. Many of Melville's work was being cited during this time of his life that because of finical reasons: Melville ended up on having to speaking in lycemuns about the South Seas Which helped him get some money. This inconvenience lasted form 1857 throughout 1860.              

            During this time in his life Melville, developed an interest in poetry. At the end of the Civil War he  published Battle-Pieces in 1866. During this time of his life, Melville was facing a hard life, for his oldest son. Malcoin shot himself. Not only that but his writing career was coming to an end, for many of his novels that had been published   were receiving criticism, including the novels Moby Dick and Billey Budd. This was because all the novels were known to be too strange and obscure. Being in a difficult position. Melville decided to use his influences he was able to get a job as a custom inspector, where he was employed for eighteen years. Melvile then acquired an illness that lasted for several months. He then passed away on September 28, 1891, at the age of seventy-two.

            What's ironic about Melville's novel ,Billy Budd,Sailor ,was that the novel wasn't published until 1924.Which later was turned into an opera by Benhamin Britten and a film by Peter Ustinov. Which proved much success after his death.  

            Without Herman Melville the world would be worse off. Not only did he help in the development of different types of literature, he also helped us realize to not give up. For even though his work wasn't published, he still kept on writing. Not until he faced critical finical problems did he start looking for other ways to make money.