6 Lessons to Live By (As Told By Jared Padalecki) by [info]keepaofthecheez
Rating: NC17
Word count: 11,605
Authors summary: Oohhh…this is just porn. Probably. With a sprinkling of plot. Okay, really the plot is porn.
Comment: Funny and squee inducing story where Jared and Jensen get together. Then they get to do it again, but properly this time.


A Breath Away From Where We Are by [info]annkiri
Rating: NC17
Word count: 34,000
Authors summary: Sometimes it takes a while to see what is right in front of you.

Comment: Fantastic first time story where you get to follow the long slow-build journey from friends with their own relationships to boyfriends. By taking its time, the story really allows you to get to know all the players and enjoy the evolving nuances of their relationship even more.

A Jared's Rules For Dating His Jensen by [info]breea1
Written for [info]rpf_big_bang
Rating: NC17
Authors summary: Jared Padalecki loves Jensen Ackles. No, really, he does. He also has very high standards on his best friend's behalf. Standards that Jensen, aside from being unaware of, apparently doesn't apply as highly as he should to the people he dates. That's okay though because he has Jared to watch out for him. And Jared is very serious about standards being met.
Comment: A really fun and feel-good fic. Jared is adorable in his attempts to protect Jensen from himself and the evil suitors, Jensen is oblivious and all their friends round out the story-universe by being Jared’s unfortunate accomplices; except for Chad who turns out to be Jared’s awesome accomplice.

A Season For Misunderstandings by [info]jeddy83 
Written for [info]spn_j2_xmas
Rating: R
Word count: 8000
Authors summary: Oblivious!Jared is oblivious.
Comment: Bittersweet but happy-ending fic about the boys moving in together.

A Room With You In It by [info]yourperiphery

Rating: R
Word count: 27,800
Authors summary: A year in the life.
Comment: This is a long, satisfying story about how the boys eventually realise they’re made for each other following on from Jared’s split with Sandy. What makes this so good is that things aren’t always perfect - there’s awkwardness and fumbling and sharp snarky banter – so when they eventually do work out, it’s that much sweeter.

A Very Gay Christmas by [info]celtic_cookie 
Written for [info]fics4books
Rating: NC17
Word count: 9759
Authors summary: Jared Padalecki, voluntarily staying in Vancouver for Christmas? The world must be coming to an end. Jensen's simply not going to allow that to happen. This is going to be the Best Christmas Ever. Jensen's going to make sure of it.
Comment: Cute and schmoopy story where Jensen does his best to make sure Hared has a good Christmas holiday (and not just because the Padalecki family threatened him).

A Work Of Tragicomedy & An Exercise In PoMo Bullshit by [info]shaychana
Rating: NC17
Word count: 8700
Authors summary: It's a story about Jared and Jensen.
Comment: Yes. It is postmodern. Yes. It is a (not really tragic) comedy. But its not bullshit. This is sharp and smart and engaging. And, really, is anything more adorable than a grumpy Jensen? “…Jared has the worst timing for falling into giggle fits. He actually seems to find their dire situation funny. Jensen thinks at first that Jared's wheezing is just shortness of breath, but then Jared's clutching Jensen's shirt and laughing into his collar bone to muffle himself. Jesus fucking Christ on a pogo stick, Jared Padalecki is an idiot who was dropped on the head as a baby.”

Accidents Happen by [info]causeways
Rating: PG13
Word count: 3100
Authors summary: Jared wakes up one morning, rolls over, and kisses Jensen. And then freaks out about it.
Comment: Adorable schmoopy goodness fic that starts when Jensen accidentally falls asleep in Jared’s bed and the next morning Jared accidentally kisses Jensen awake.

All The Amenities by [info]kestrelsan 
Written for [info]spn_j2_xmas
Rating: R
Word count: 3000
Comment: A Jensen moved in with Jared story featuring their friends’ opinions and some truly great snark.

All Of the While It Was You by [info]crackedbuthappy
Rating: R
Word Count: 11,750
Authors summary: Jared has a lot of rules for getting over a break up. When Danneel dumps Jensen like a bad habit, Jared takes it upon himself to teach Jensen's the rules. What Jared learns is that sometimes the rules don't always apply.
Comment: This is full of such joyous banter that its impossible not too feel happy as you read it. The slow shift from friendship between the boys to something more plays out just right and is totally satisfying. ““Well, you can't have the old one. The old one dumped you like Brad dumped Jen for Angelina. You need to get over her or you’ll end up dating Vince Vaughn and John Mayer. I cannot allow you to date a douchebag, Jensen. I just can't. Plus, you're totally prettier than Jennifer Aniston-””

Alternate Universe by [info]b_s_n_m (friends only)
Rating: R
Authors summary: So one morning, Jensen wakes up and his life suddenly isn't his any more.

Comment: Adorably sweet and cracky story where Jensen gets thrown into an alternative universe where he and Jared are boyfriends. Plus it totally feeds in to my fic kink where Jared gets to call Jensen 'baby'. “"Morning, baby," is Jensen's second clue, and the kiss that follows is when he stops being able to count, because his brain is too busy going, "Uh, what the fuck is going on? Help!" Unfortunately, the only person around that Jensen could ask for help is Jared, and that plan's never going to work for two reasons; one, Jensen doesn't want to try to explain this, because Jared is much more likely to freak out than to be of any help in these sorts of situations, and two, it's kind of hard to talk with your best friend's tongue in your mouth.”

An Extremely Circuitous Courtship by [info]chasingtides 
Written for [info]spn_j2_xmas
Rating: PG
Authors summary: Jensen has a mancrush, Jared is a Terminator robot, and neither of them have plans for New Year's Eve.

Comment: This is a really sweet and genuinely feel-good fic. Jared books a Christmas holiday for himself and Jensen. The only snag? It’s a couples only retreat. “Jensen sat up and looked at Jared through the sliding door. He was sitting half naked in a hot tub and trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue. He did not look like he was have a particularly distressing existential crisis. He looked like he was having a good time, but was probably still fairly disgusted with his best friend/roommate/tenent/coworker.”

And If I Don’t Make It Known by [info]blue_soaring
Rating: NC17
Word count: 6600
Authors summary:
Jensen has the feeling that confronted with Jared's endless stream of remarkably unsubtle innuendo, Dean would do one of three things.
Comment: Jared’s unwavering attentions finally make Jensen catch the clue bus. The banter between the two boys in this story is so well done and seems so naturalistic, from Jared’s puns and over flirting to Jensen’s just-trying-to-keep-up come-backs, the slide into a relationship becomes obvious and instinctual for the two of them. It’s a really great story.

And This Morning We Had Pancakes by [info]wanttobeatree 
Rating: PG
Word count: 2250
Comment: Warm, intimate and quietly funny, this story takes domestic bliss to its logical conclusion.

Any Given Thursday by [info]t_fic
Comment: This tale has a really natural feel to its progression. The boys move from the best of friends to something more over thanksgiving, yet it feels like it’s been years leading them up to the moment. Very sweet.

Ask Me Why by [info]__tiana__
Rating: NC17
Word count: 9405
Authors summary: Jensen gets jealous. Jared is the cause of it. There are consequences.
Comment: I really like stories that mix the sweet with the angst, and this certainly does that. Jensen is jealous of the girls Jared keeps fawning over post Sandy break-up. Jared is waiting for Jensen to ask him why.

Assumption is the Mother of all Fuck Ups by [info]chinas_rose
Rating: NC17
Word count: 18,518
Authors summary: Jared couldn’t resist playing a practical joke on Jensen. He just wasn’t prepared for the consequences.

Comment: A really funny crack fic where Jared pulls a prank on Jensen.


Backwards From Go by [info]atimi
Written for [info]j2_remix
Rating: PG13
Word count: 6100
Authors summary: Jared was pretty sure true love wasn't meant to be this awkward. Sure, he knew his childhood ideals were never going to come true, given that Jensen wasn't a princess in jeopardy and Jared was no longer afraid of sprinklers, but he never expected love to require so much effort.
Comment: You know that any story featuring Jared deep-throating a banana, taking yoga lessons from Misha and talking about manly gay unicorn love is going to be winner! Jared realises he’s in love with Jensen the day after they move in together, so of course he has to involve all his friends in various crazy schemes designed to woo his intended. Reading this makes you joyful.

Balance by [info]setissma
Rating: R
Word count: 3750
Comment: Adorable first time story that evolves from the boys having to teach each other to be Sam and Dean because they’re about to shoot an episode of Supernatural with a bodyswap storyline. Yay. "Jensen retreats to the other side of the living room – far away from Jared’s fucking enormous hands – and rubs a hand over his face, thinking about it. Jared doesn’t move the same way he does, he walks with a hell of a lot less intent, and Sam slouches around more than anything, not really focused on walking. He looks at Jared, leaning against the wall, and it just clicks, right there."

Basic Business Knowledge by [info]telleer
Rating: PG13
Authors summary: Jensen sucks at making decisions.
Comment: This is a smart and unusual story about how Jensen goes about making some possibly life-changing decisions.

Bed, Bath and Beyond by [info]pocketfullof
Written for [info]fluffandfold
Word count: 4500
Authors summary: Jensen has trouble picking out sheets.

Comment: Adorably cute story that’s ostensibly about Jensen choosing new sheets but is really about the boys falling in love.

below the joint by [info]yourperiphery
Rating : PG13
Word count: 1500
Authors summary: in which jared and jensen are going their separate ways.
Comment: The angst of a slowly decaying friendship is perfectly captured here before it leads to the best kind of bittersweet ending.

Better Off In Bed by [info]embroiderama
Written for [info]spnbreaksthelaw
Rating: NC17
Word count: 3114
Authors summary: Watching a movie together turns into more, but not without a little law-breaking along the way.
Comment: Cute and lovely fic where Jensen runs away in a panic after making a move on Jared.

Better Things by [info]bittersplendor
Rating: R
Word count: 1700
Authors summary: Jared lived on hand-me-downs until he was old enough to buy clothes for himself. There are things Jared will settle for.
Comment: For a relatively short fic, this manages to express a hell of a lot thanks to its evocative and expressive writing.

Between Miles And A Stone’s Throw by [info]alasse
Written for [info]spn_j2_bigbang 
Rating: NC14
Word count: 44,000
Authors summary: After season four ends, many things change. Jensen’s relationship with Danneel gets stuck in a rut, and they break up, and Jensen and Jared’s friendship solidifies even more. Season five is the last one, and everything becomes more intense. Jared and Jensen act on their feelings, start something that’s a lot like a relationship, but both of them refuse to talk about it, to put themselves on the line and risk getting hurt. Will they figure out what they mean to each other and a way to be together, despite time, distance, and mistakes?
Comment: There’s denial, there’s tension, there’s sweetness, there’s misunderstandings, there’s all the messy things people do when they’re trying to find their way and that’s what makes this story feel so real. The slow, natural way things progress and the emotions captured along the way combine to create something that is a pleasure to get lost in.

Between truth and the search for it, I chose the second by [info]marishna
Rating: R
Word count: 5849
Authors summary: Jensen nodded, waiting for Jared to explain and for everything to just end and go back to normal. Jared took a deep breath and said, "I said your name during sex."
Comment: Angsty fic where Jared struggles to choose between Sandy and Jensen.

Between the days and nights by [info]estrella30
Rating: NC17
Word count: 13,500
Authors summary: She ran her hands down Jen's chest and flicked open the top button of his shirt, then turned around to include Jared in her smile. "Bedroom."
Comment: This is a really great story that just pulls you right in. A threesome has unexpected consequences.

"Bottoms Up" by [info]azewewish
Rating: NC17
Authors summary: There are things Jared knows. Jensen isn't one of them.

Comment: Jared goes from wanting to kill Jensen to wanting to fuck him. This is one of my favourite first time stories. All the sweet little details and snarky banter and flailing emotions combine to make one great ride of a story. Featuring cocky Jensen, alpha Jared and even a cameo by to cool for school Chris Kane. “Now Jen? If possible, that boy's even more Texas than Texas itself. Talks louder, laughs longer, has tall tales the size of Paul Bunyan's balls, eats straight-up grease for breakfast and can still run laps around everyone on set. Jensen knows seventeen thousand uses for duct tape, knows how to swear and spit with the best of 'em, he can throw a perfect spiral, change the oil in an F150 in fifteen flat, and swear to fucking Christ, one day Jared might just have to kill him.”

Boys Like Girls by [info]nevcolleil
Rating: PG13
Word count: Jared's used to playing the hero. He thinks Jensen may be his heroine.

Comment: Engaging fic where Jared doesn’t realise what’s going on until he’s in the middle of it.

By The Letter by [info]winterlive
Rating: NC17
Comment: A fantastic story that you’ve all probably read because it’s a classic, and deservedly so. This is the fic where Jensen finds out about Jared’s crush from his ipod playlist. “The explanations race through his head as he leans back in the chair; he rubs a hand over his face and sighs. Could be any one of a dozen reasons, but there's no way to be sure unless he just outright asks, and there's no way he's doing that. How do you ask a question like that? Hey, man, I was fucking with your iPod and I heard this song on a playlist with my name on it, and this song makes it sound like you maybe want to sleep with me. What's up with that?


Carbon by [info]setissma
Rating: R
Word count: 4400
Authors summary: Jensen kisses Jared. Things progress accordingly.

Comment: This is soft and slow and you can really feel the friendship between the two boys even before they get closer, all thanks to the detail of Jared’s inner monologue. “It's not bad, but it's not a first kiss, not a kiss that changes anything – it falls somewhere between welcome-home kisses at the airport and Christmas morning kisses, delicate and not quite awake. Jared knows the familiar curve of Jensen's mouth, the taste of his chapstick, the kind Jensen's been using and Jared's been borrowing for years. He knows the way Jensen exhales against his cheek from sleeping in the Impala between takes, knows the way he looks down, then up a little too fast – Dean's tell when he's unsure”.

Carry On by [info]gilascave
Rating: PG13
Word count: 3500
Authors summary: Jensen asks Jared out on a date. Then he finds out Jared has other ideas.
Comment: Absolute cutie-pie of a fic. Jensen asks Jared out on a date, only Jared doesn’t know and maybe he’s too busy with Jeff anyway…

Further Adventures of the Padildo and How the Padildo was Forgotten by [info]nemo_88
Rating: R
Authors summary: He hadn’t actually seen one of these things - plastic penises of course, Jensen had had his share of the real deal - and fuck it, his curiosity got the better of him. It just looked so fucking real.
Comment: Jared’s made a copy of his cock for Sandy. Jensen’s in the closet and harbouring a crush. What will happen when dildo and actor collide? A genuinely funny and sweet story, that’s what. “By now, Jensen started to believe that the damn thing was following him. A fucking stalker dick at its best game. Running around turning gay people on. Should be illegal. And in Jensen’s drunk brain, that actually made sense and seemed incredibly plausible.”

Common Knowledge by [info]elucreh
Authors summary: Jared, your fangirls. Fangirls, I believe you already know Jared. Better than he knows himself.

Comment: Post-modern tale that’s as funny as it is smart and self-referential. Jared learns about fanfiction whilst appearing at a convention and then it kinda takes over his life. “It's interesting, too, to watch the fangirls when they don't know he's watching, like experiencing a new culture. He's making a list of words to figure out later: ”otipi,” and “pixpam,” and “capping,” and “arpeayes.” He's especially curious about the meaning of “elljay,”, because it seems to be some kind of sign-countersign ritual.”

Computer Verse by [info]splashpink
Rating: R
Authors summary: Jared turns to Google in his quest to win Jensen's heart.
Comment: This is an amusing and downright adorable series where Jared uses Google to help him woo and screw Jensen – enhanced with suitably funny pictures and screen prints.

Context Is Everything by [info]veronamay
Rating: R
Word count: 2214
Authors summary: Jared speaks in movie quotes. All day. Stuff happens.
Comment: Cracktastic fic where Jared will only talk in movie quotes. Is there anything better than the ‘The Breakfast Club’ being quoted during the first make out session? “"Are you a virgin?" Jensen asks softly, eyes trained on Jared's face. "I'll bet you a million dollars that you are." He feathers his fingers through Jared's hair, trails them down his cheekbone to rest on that pretty bottom lip. "Have you ever kissed a boy on the mouth? Over the bra, under the blouse, shoes off, hoping to God your parents don't walk in?"”

Costarfucking: An Idiots Guide to What Not to Do by [info]causeways
Rating: NC17
Word count: 16,000
Authors summary: Fucking around with your co-star is all well and good until somebody falls in love.

Comment: Brilliantly written tale full of funny banter and awesome little character titbits (like Jared’s idea that a baseball cap would prevent people from recognizing him). And to make it just that little bit more perfect, we’re also treated to cameos by the rest of the CW folks.

Count On Us All Falling On Our Swords Tonight by [info]build_the_moon
Rating: R
Word count: 4100
Authors summary: Jensen's been denying his feelings for Jared to everyone, including himself. Lucky for him, two meddling friends and one drunken confession can change everything.
Comment: The portrayal of drunk Jensen is really adorable, much like the whole fic.

Cover by [info]nevcolleil
Rating: NC17
Comment: Jensen’s freaked out because he may be a little horny for his co-star and that’s a big no-no in TVland. This is warm and funny but with that tiny touch of angst that just keeps it feeling real.

Crazy sexy baby by [info]cathybites
Rating: NC17
Word count: 3776
Comment: This is a hot and funny fic about Jensen deciding that he’s totally going to seduce sweet innocent Jared once they meet, only Jared isn’t playing ball.

Creeping Around In My Head by [info]lazy_daze
Rating: NC17
Word count: 4300
Comment: This fic is sweet and sexy and exactly how I want to picture the boys at home. It’s a story about how Jared never realised how hard it would be to resist the Ackles charm once they started living together. “He'd never noticed the effort he'd spent every day walling off that part of his mind that fixated on the curve of Jensen's lip and the smattering of freckles on his ears and the stretch of his shirt across broad shoulders; hadn't noticed that he could finally rest when he got home, however briefly, just time to himself where he didn't have to worry about not-thinking about Jensen.”


Domestic Bliss& Other Oxymorons by [info]yourperiphery
Rating: R
Word count: 29.000
Authors summary: Hell is living with other people.
Comment: Smart and funny, this reads as so entertaining its impossible not to get sucked in. The Jared and Jensen here rock the casual snark but best of all the story has fully rounded out and extremely likable girl characters who aren’t just there to be the deus ex machinas for getting the boys together but are important friends and confidants in their own right.

Don’t Cha by [info]jeyhawk
Rating: NC17
Word count: 1664
Authors summary: Don't cha wish your girlfriend was hot like Jensen, a freak like Jensen, raw like uhm and fun like Jared.
Comment: Very funny, almost crackfic, that still manages to be sweet and hot. The boys get together to the sound of the Pussycat Dolls.

Drunken Men & the Flaws of Science by [info]__tiana__
Rating: R
Word count: 4946
Authors summary: Jared has had a terrible, no good, bad week. Jensen has a plan to fix it. Not all plans go quite as planned. Some go even better.

Comment: Jensen just wants to make Jared feel better but things don’t quite go according to plan. This has a real sense of fumbling naturalness to it that works so well in terms of both the story and the boys. I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Easy by [info]cynthia_arrow
Word count: 3100
Authors summary: First time, kinda fairly fluffy, a little bit of alcohol involved.

Comment: Well written first time fic that focus’ on the boys fears and insecurities as much as it does on the hot sex. “It started with boredom, a good deal of bourbon, and a cold, rainy Saturday night playing video games in Jensen's big, warm living room. Eventually, they gave up the gaming in favor of lying around lazy, talking in front of the fire: bitching about work, rambling about life. Open smiles of familiarity turned to bodies hovering too close together, knocking against each other with comments or laughter. Then, out of nowhere, with a squinting brown-eyed half-drunk stare, Jared said: "Jen, when are you just gonna fucking kiss me already?"”

Eight (+ one) easy steps to an organized household – a guide by Jensen Ackles (+ Jared Padalecki) by [info]benitle 
Written for [info]spn_j2_xmas
Rating: NC17
Word count: 14,009
Authors summary: Jared is a slob. Soon after Jensen moves in with him, he has to learn that Jensen doesn't just bring clothes, a toothbrush and a razor but also something else: his obsession with cleaning.
Comment: Funny and hot, this story tells the tale of what happens when OCD neurotic!Jensen moves in with live-and-let-live!Jared. This has possibly one of my favourite endings to a sex scene ever.

Endless Days Of Simply Waiting To Be Yours by [info]halfshellvenus
Rating: PG13
Authors summary: Jared's finally forced to admit what he wants, but getting it takes longer than he expected.
Comment: A tender story where each development in the boys journey is equated to a traditional rhyme about a different day of the week.

Everyone Blames Chris by [info]frayen
Written for [info]paddywhacked
Rating: R
Authors summary: Jensen has a couple of mottos, more like rules really, words to live by that makes dealing with all the shit thrown at him easier to deal with. Top of that list, first and foremost, number one is; everything is always Christian Kane’s fault.
Comment: Very funny story where Chris Kane plays yenta and completely steals the show.


Ficmix series by [info]lostt1
Rating: PG13-NC17
Authors summary: Jared uses music to get his point across to Jensen.

Comment: Sweet series of stories where Jared tries to woo an oblivious Jensen with music.

Find That Handsome Devil by [info]watersword
Rating: NC17
Word count: 4600
Comment: This is a story, filled with both gorgeous and amusing moments, where Jared doesn’t realise he’s involved with Jensen until it’s too late. "There is just no way that he can muster up the concentration for a really good freakout, and Jensen's the kind of guy who deserves the first-class kind. So he puts it on his to-do list -- a mental to-do list, because he would never live it down if someone (*cough*Alona*cough*) found out he was the kind of girl who keeps to-do lists -- and sucks on Jensen's tongue for another few seconds, and dozes off."

First Fluttering Of Its Silken Wings by [info]dev_earl
Rating: NC17
Word count: 4275
Comment: Sweet story where the instant attraction between the boys flares into something more. Gets even better when you add in a tattoo and piercing.

Five Fifteen Reasons Why Jared Fucking Hates Valentine's Day and One Reason Why He Doesn't by [info]lissa_bear
Rating: R
Authors summary: But really, Jared can't remember anymore why he hates Jager so much and breaking the bottle seems like a sad idea, so he just joins the circle and watches Mike dare Chad to wear Kenzie's underwear on his head. Kenzie isn't wearing underwear, which, go figure, so Mike dares Chad to run around the room naked. And if seeing Chad naked isn't reason enough to hate Valentine's Day, Jared doesn't know what is.
Comment: This really made me laugh. “So Jared always ends up going with Chad, who always ends up rolling on E and trying to molest some poor innocent by-stander, who always ends up being someone Jared knows. And then Jared ends up spending the entire night apologizing for Chad and picking him up off the floor and carting him home when he passes out. And Chad always passes out right before Mike breaks out the really good weed. And Jared's seen how touchy-feely Jensen gets when he's high and he just knows that asshat Chis gets to be on the receiving end of Jensen's grabby hands.”

Focus by [info]winterlive
Rating: NC17
Comment: The boys are fumbling and awkward in their attempts to get together until Jeff helps out.

For I Have Sinned by [info]miss_begonia (friends only)
Rating: NC17
Wordcount: 11,200
Comment: Powerful, melancholy but ultimately hopeful story that deals with questions of fundamentalism. Jared helps a damaged Jensen.


Go Fish by [info]glasz_housez 
Written for [info]cracktastic_j2
Rating: R
Word count: 15,000
Authors summary: Jared thinks Jensen should have more stuff in his room. Jensen gets more stuff, and then, he starts seeing a lot more of Jared. A LOT more. And he kinda likes it.
Comment: Laugh out loud funny crackfic. Jared decides Jensen needs more stuff in his room so Jensen buys a goldfish bowl. Then there are fish. “That noise Jensen's making? Totally a squeal. It's the love child between a dolphin and a sea monkey. And yes, Jensen knows sea monkeys don't make noise, but he can't figure out how a dolphin gets on land and mates with a regular monkey, and therefore, it must be a sea monkey. "EEaagggaaghheee!" That's not something human vocal cords evolved to create. And he can't manage anything more coherent. Squirming like a worm on hot blacktop is the kind of base reflex that overrides all higher functions.”

Good Idea by [info]jasmasson
Rating: R
Authors summary:
“I think we should have sex,” Jared said brightly, as he sat down.
Comment: Cute and funny story where Jared tries to convince Jensen that it’s a good idea for them to have sex. Even though Jared’s not gay. “But then Jared split up with Sandy a few weeks later, and Jensen did what any good friend would do. He took Jared out to get drunk. A drunken Jared was an even more tactile Jared than normal, and Jensen suffered being felt up all the way home. That was perfectly normal behavior for a drunk Jared. But the sloppy, drunken, open-mouthed kiss – all awkward teeth, silky lips and tequila – as Jensen laid Jared out on Jared’s king sized bed, was not.”

Got A Life From Life On TV by [info]chash

Word count: 1500
Authors summary: So it's been a shitty year.
Comment: This is an adorable and happy story where Jensen’s suggestion of moving out means that Jared needs to get on the clue-bus, fast, if he wants to keep what he’s got. Both boys are so loveable here. “It's not like Jared thought they'd live together forever. But the total, honest, straight-out truth of it is that he likes having Jensen around, and he's gotten used to it. Jared has always been the kind of person who likes other people, but he knows there are plenty he couldn't live with. He and Chad, for example, once shared a hotel room for a week, and by mutual agreement they're never inhabiting the same space alone for more than eight hours straight ever again.”

Green-Eyed Monster by [info]agt_spooky
Rating: NC17
Word count: 11,905
Authors summary: The weight of unrequited love lay heavy on Jensen’s shoulders, and it was getting more difficult by the day for him to bear it up. But will an unexpected kiss finally change everything?
Comment: This is a wonderful fic where Jensen is in love with a seemingly oblivious and heterosexual Jared. Chocked full of angst, misunderstandings and one-sided longing until it all turns around to become sweet and shmoopy and hot.


Have a Nice Day by [info]stellamira

Rating: R
Word count: 3050
Authors summary: Jared declares an ice cream day, Jensen is slightly obsessed with chocolate, and the dogs get bathed. What the boys do when they get a week off.
Comment: Funny and cute. The boys are somehow both comical and realistic and it’s a joy to read about them indulging in all manner of things.

Here To The Left Of You by [info]nu_breed
Rating: NC17
Word count: 11,150
Authors summary: Jensen moves in, and things get really complicated.
Comment: Jensen moves in with Jared and then things get complicated when realisations, mechanics and Fight Club get involved. This fic has such a great Jared voice, its impossible not to love him. “He takes a look back at Jensen, asleep on the couch. He's... God. He's so fucking gorgeous, and Jared doesn't know why he didn't guess what was happening before now. He'd loved Sandy, that's why, but he knows now what she meant by "There's someone else, isn't there?" He'd told her time and time again the "Jared Padalecki's a cheating douche" rumours were a load of bullshit, but she said it wasn't anything to do with that. That it was something else, someone else, and Jared hadn't known what she'd meant. Until now.”

Home by [info]munibunny 
Written for [info]spn_j2_xmas
Rating: NC17
Word count: 12,790
Authors summary: They've been living together for nearly six months. How's Jared supposed to deal with suddenly falling in love with his best friend?

Comment: Incredibly sweet tale of Jared slowly realising his feelings for Jensen while Jensen simply waits. There’s a scene-stealing appearance by Jared’s mother and great use is made of real-life events, subtly interwoven into the story to enhance the believability.

Home Steady by [info]pocketfullof
Rating: PG13
Authors summary: Jared buys a house, and Jensen makes it a home.

Comment: A gloriously atmospheric and perfectly slow moving story. So wonderfully written that in parts it reads like poetry. Jared buys a house and Jensen makes himself comfortable.

How The Writers Strike Stole Christmas (And Jared Gave It Back) by [info]apreludetoanend 
Written for [info]spn_j2_xmas
Rating: R
Word count: 6270
Authors summary: The story of how it came to pass that Jensen used to live with Mike but now lives with Jared, in which Jensen would like it noted that he clearly does not have furniture issues.
Comment: Jared celebrates Christmas in March and sits in a dog-bed while Mike Rosenbaum leaves Smallville, all things that conspire to lead Jensen to Jared in this quirky and funny story. “Jared abandons his singing in favor of tossing red and green M&Ms into his mouth one at a time. He purposely overshoots about half of them forcefully in Jensen’s direction, but all in all, Jensen figures the convenient snack delivery outweighs the occasional chocolate missile that smacks him in the eye, so he doesn’t complain.”

How To Avoid Falling For Your Co-star, Roommate And / Or Best Friend by [info]apostrophee
Rating: R
Word count: 9816
Authors summary: Jared and Jensen move in together and both decide that they simply must not fall in love with each other for that would be a very tragic thing.
Comment: Funny, sweet and made even more interesting by the formatting where emails, to do lists, not to do lists and notebook pages are intermingled with the text. They work really well in conveying the effort Jared and Jensen put into not getting together once they become roommates. “So Jared goes on and on for a moment telling the crowd why he misses Jensen and before he knows it he’s telling them how they talked on the phone for like an hour the day before yesterday, but what he really means is that they talked on the phone for three hours yesterday, and one hour earlier that morning, and the only reason that they hung up so soon was because Jensen had an appointment with a dermatologist. Apparently he had some sort of allergic reaction to some prosthetics and broke out in hives.”


I Might Fall In Love With You But I'm Not Sure [So I'll Drop To My Knees] by [info]affectingly

Written for [info]spn_holidays 
Ratings: NC17
Word count: 2920
Authors summary: The title rather says it all.
Comment: Any fic that has Jared trying to wash tequila out of his nose is going to be alright with me. This is fast-paced and full of energy and rounded out nicely with a healthy serving of porn.

I Think He Likes Me by [info]immoralilly
Written for [info]batoutofkansas
Rating: R
Word count: 1951
Comment: Adorable story that made me grin like the Cheshire cat. Jensen slowly comes to realise that he’s been involved with Jared since the day they met. “And Jared… Jared is, if possible, even more than usual. Happier, more excited, mainlining multicoloured candy and talking like crazy while he drapes himself across Jensen’s arm. Or his leg. Or his chair. And Jensen adores it, because he’s never had a friend quite like this, and he really, really likes it.”

I Think I Saw A Porno Like This Once by [info]veronamay
Rating: R
Word count: 4651
Authors summary: Gym porn. That's pretty much it.

Comment: Yay. Jared gets worked up when he watches Jensen work out.

If She Seems As Lonely As Me, Let Her Sink (The First Love Remix) by [info]balefully
Written for [info]j2_remix
Rating: NC17
Word count: 4800
Authors summary: Jared figures out he's gay and decides he'll just put his romantic life on hold until he makes it big. But then he meets Jensen, and a wrench gets thrown in the works.
Comment: This manages to perfectly balance being incredibly sweet and loving with filthy-hot porn. “The jolt of overwhelming attraction and a quick, friendly chat. It's probably stupid and melodramatic, but Jensen is it for him. He just is. Jared knows that as surely as he knows the sun's gonna come up tomorrow and that Emmitt Smith's gonna make the Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility. It doesn't matter that he and Jensen only just met, that they've barely exchanged two-dozen words. That there isn't really such thing as love at first sight. Jared feels like he's going to throw up all of his vital organs, and that's more than enough.”

If we were a movie by [info]incompletework2
Rating: R
Word count: 4500
Authors summary: Jared is getting tired of being Jensen’s wingman, especially when he just wants Jensen for himself.

Comment: Sweet fic where Jared pines over Jensen. Chris tries to help by getting Jared to use the power of song to woo his beloved.

I’ll Bring the Pillows aka FORT PADACKLES; or, TEXAS/TEXAS by [info]missdeviant
Word count: 2368
Comment: Jared and Jensen build Fort Padackles out of cushions. Y’know, to honour Texas. So adorable and funny. “It only takes three beers to start reminiscing, three more and Jared's pulled all of the covers off his bed, arranged the chairs in the middle of the living room, and set up a pile of unpacked boxes as a makeshift barricade. Jensen lounges on the sofa during all of this, lips around a bottle and surfing the flickering cable until he happens upon a History Channel documentary.”

Imprint by [info]mass_hipgnosis
Written for [info]spn_j2_bigbang 
Rating: R
Authors summary: In a world where love at first sight is a documented scientific phenomenon, and potentially lethal, Jared and Jensen still meet for the first time when they've both been chosen for Supernatural; things just go a little differently after that
Comment: Fascinating semi-AU bonding fic. The author has created an interesting and original universe for the boys to slot into.

In body and in soul can bind
by [info]cathybites
Rating: R
Word count: 2978
Comment: Delightful story where Jared and Jensen get stuck together thanks to a cursed amulet.

In Which Jared Makes A Realisation and Jensen Isn’t Nice and timestamp ficlet Airplane Restroom Hijinx by [info]veronamay
Rating: NC17
Word count: 3165
Authors summary: Jared's pretty sure he's never met anyone so inoffensive in his life, and the fact that he can think all this stuff and not be resentful or mocking about it is testament to the guy's charm.
Comment: This story rocks so much, I may have a crush on it. Jared thinks Jensen is a gentleman. Jensen proved him wrong though vigorous dirty sex. Hooray. “So when he finds himself balls-deep in Jensen's ass in a Heathrow airport restroom, Jensen riding his lap and biting his shoulder hard enough to bruise, moaning the filthiest, hottest things he's ever heard, he's got to wonder: What else have I been missing?

In which Jensen whines how much of a big, annoying puppy Jared fucking Padalecki is
by [info]benitle
Rating: R
Word count: 3200
Authors summary: Jensen calls Chris to tell him about the co-star from his new show.
Comment: Awesome story where Jensen talks to his best friend forever Chris Kane about how annoying Jared is, and then about how ok Jared is and then about how fantastic Jared is. This is really funny and adorable and, might I add, Kane rules.

Incriminating Evidence by [info]timewillbe
Rating: NC17
Word count: 34,000
Authors summary: Jared's not really a nosy guy except for the times when he is.
Comment: When Jared gets Jensen to move in with him, he ‘accidentally’ searches through his things and finds out some things about Jensen that he just can’t let go of. This is really engrossing with its great pacing and unique twist on the boys move in together story. Also, it’s really not hard to relate to Jared’s curiosity and that believability can’t help but draw the reader in. “Jensen only shrugs, rubs a palm roughly across his chin and then drops his hand to pick up his fork. It's like a silent language that Jared's had to learn over the past couple years. Jensenese. All these physical cues and tics that say more than Jensen ever actually manages with actual words. Even after months apart, Jared can still read it, still understand it. That's comforting. Or possibly disturbing depending on who he asks.”

It Just Is by [info]the_viper_room
Rating: NC17
Word count: 7000
Authors summary: "You all right?" Jared asks, a quiet mutter against Jensen’s ear. His breath is warm and quick and Jensen presses his hips down, just so he can feel Jared gasp against his skin.
Comment: Delicious, funny and hot tale, with a really great build-up. Jensen doesn’t like Jared like that. Really. He doesn’t.

It Went Like This by [info]renjifan
Rating: NC17
Word count: 22,000
Authors summary: Jared’s tall and gassy and the biggest dork in the history of the planet. Jensen’s got the feeling that moving in with him is going to be the biggest mistake he’s ever made. But damn if he can say no when Jared is so… Jared.
Comment: Funny fic where Jared manages to unconsciously woo Jensen despite his proclivity for releasing gas in confined spaces. There’s also a scene-stealing cameo from the Rosenbaum, likable beard Danneeel and tales of filming Friday 13th.

Item: Two Lips, Indifferent Red… by [info]candygramme
Rating: NC17
Comment: Once Jared starts noticing Jensen’s lips, he finds he really can’t stop in this cute fic.


Jensen Ackles' Epiphany (or: It's Just Sex, Except It's Not) by [info]akintay
Rating: NC17
Authors summary: Jensen figures some things out with the unwanted and unappreciated help of some friends.

Comment: This is so damn cute. Jensen is pretty clueless when it comes to him and Jared until he finally starts picking up on the little clues like Chad calling him Jared’s boyfriend.

Jensen’s Big Gay Love Is The Most Normal Thing Around by [info]lissa_bear
Rating: R
Authors summary: And while we're on the subject, don't make your co-star a mix tape of love songs and say that they remind you of him, even if you are only joking. Make that especially if you're only fucking joking! Because it's not funny, dude! And it might totally get a guy's hopes up if he's the type of guy who's into mixed tapes. Which, Jensen totally isn't, but still...
Comment: Funny as all hell and blessed with an easy going conversational style, this fabulous story in no way has Jensen hating Sandy, threesomes and Chad dispensing fashion advice. “Like that one time when Jared ran out to get beer and Sandy showed up with one of her girlfriends. And ok, so Jensen didn't actually get to spend much time with Sandy, what with his dick down her friend's throat and all, but had they talked? Jensen's sure it would have been great. And then there was that time when Jared had to wait in line for fifteen minutes to use the bathroom at some shitty hockey game. And come to think of it, they didn't really talk that time, either. But the silence was nice. Very non-hostile.”

Jensen’s Not So Secret Crush by [info]jeyhawk
Rating: NC17
Word count: 5991
Authors summary: Jensen got a secret crush, only it doesn't stay secret and crack happens.

Comment: Sweet and hot and funny and angsty = perfect. Any story that starts with Jared recounting his caribou hunting trip sex dream complete with cameos from Chad and Tom, whilst Jensen almost comes in his pants, is gonna be good and this doesn’t disappoint. Jensen has a crush on Jared and Jared kinda knows about it. “Jared gave him a pointed look and Jensen took another forkful of food; Jared was worse than his mom. Only his mom didn’t have Jared's huge fucking sex hands, dimples or a mop of hair Jensen longed to dig his fingers into. Luckily enough, or Jensen would have given Oedipus a run for his money.”

Jigsaw Falling Into Place by [info]lisztful NEW
Written for [info]lgbtfest 
Rating: NC17
Word count: 27,000
Authors summary: Jensen has always been attracted to guys, but it takes Jared getting married to make him start to accept who he is. The only question is, will Jared accept it? Featuring angst, first time gay bar experiences, revelations (although not the biblical sort), marriages gained and lost, and a lot of baked goods.
Comment: A fic that shows how gradual the process of growing into yourself, and coming to terms with your identity, can be. It’s excellently done, messy and raw without ever succumbing to melodrama, and watching Jensen’s journey is truly absorbing. “The architecture flashes by, old buildings in brown or gray, all covered over with graffiti. Each one is a little different from the others, all different colors, names, symbols. Tags, Jensen thinks they’re called. The sky is gray, the stone is gray, even the inside of the train is gray, but the tags are brilliant flashes of blue, orange, yellow stripes. And Jared’s married, a thought that's been all he can think about since it's happened. He wonders which part of the color metaphor that’s supposed to be. Trains always make him queasy.”

Just My Imagination
by [info]audrarose
Rating: NC17
Word count: 6300
Authors summary: Schmoopy first-time in which Jensen can't handle his tequila, Jared is frustrated and Whistler is cold and snowy.

Comment: Tequila eases the way for Jared and Jensen to get together in this lovely first time story.


Learn to Wear Each Other Well by [info]marishna
Written for [info]slashfest
Rating: NC17
Word count: 3227
Authors summary: Either this would fail miserably and Jared and Jensen would think he was a total nut job or they'd end up killing each other by the time he went back. But they weren't going to listen to reason and damn if this didn't seem like a good idea last night after he got home and there was a rerun of Saved by the Bell or some shit on.
Comment: Totally sweet story where Jeff plays matchmaker to an oblivious Jensen and Jared.

Like A Thousand Julys by [info]kashmir1
Rating: NC17
Word count: 7700
Authors summary: He's seen some weird shit, alright, living in L.A. for a decade or so. And really, he may have actually used the phrase 'I've seen it all' a time or two. But he immediately wants to take it back when Jared Padalecki shows up on his parent's front porch, wearing a denim mini skirt, a hot pink halter top and sporting a pair of at least C-cups.
Comment: Yay. Genderswap. Girl Jared seduces Jensen, but then Jensen starts thinking that something isn’t right. This is completely hot and squee inducing. “It only gets worse. Jensen's mom seats them next to each other and god, Jensen thought Jared was touchy-feely as a guy. It's about three hundred times worse when he's a girl. He keeps leaning against Jensen, pressing his boobs into Jensen's arm when he's trying to concentrate on his chicken and potatoes. Burying his head in Jensen's shoulder when Jensen's dad tells a joke that really, is not funny enough to warrant Jared fucking burying his head in Jensen's shoulder.

Like Sugar On My Tongue by [info]crackedbuthappy
Rating: R
Word count: 5990
Authors summary: Jared's mother taught Jared to bake as a child as a way to release nervous energy, to give him something to do with his hands. It’s not something he does all the time – baking – only when he’s stressed out. But, now that he’s hopelessly in love with Jensen and sharing living space....well, Jared bakes a lot.

Comment: This is so delightful. Jared bakes when he’s stressed and he’s been doing a lot of it since Jensen has moved into his place. I happily spent the whole time reading this imagining Jared bouncing round a kitchen, covered in flour and sprinkles.

Listen Through Silence by [info]lazy_daze
Rating: PG13
Word count: 9500
Authors summary: Essentially: In which Jensen is shy and Jared is smart.
Comment: I am so impressed by this. It’s unique and interesting and cerebral whilst still being tender. It feels like the best kind of character study disguised as a tender romance.

Long Enough by
Comment: A soft slow-burn series where a confident Jared eventually woos an uncertain Jensen.

Love Through Music by [info]pyroblaze18
Written for [info]spn_j2_bigbang
Rating: PG
Word count: 20,130
Authors summary: Sometimes you have to pay attention to a song to find what it's really saying to you; at least that's what Jared is discovering…

Comment: Adorably schmoopy fic where Jensen uses music to try and convey his feelings to Jared.


Make This House A Home by [info]oddegg
Written for [info]fluffandfold
Rating: NC17
Word count: 6698
Authors summary: Jensen doesn’t think moving into Jared’s apartment is such a good idea. (Or, why ‘The Odd Couple’ would have been a different movie with pretty boys and butt-sex).
Comment: The boys become roommates and then something more. This is really cute and full of great one-liners such as: “Then he bounced off to his bedroom like some freak genetic experiment that had crossed a yeti with Tigger, leaving Jensen blinking in the doorway”.

Mother Knows Best and If You’re Into It by [info]mediaville
Rating: R-NC17
Word count: (Mother Knows Best) 3400
Authors summary: (Mother Knows Best) Nobody knows a boy like his mother.  And Chad.
Comment: Featuring perfect sexual tension, a hilarious Jensen inner-monologue, the giant pada-cock, sweet old romance and super-hot porn. These were such a joy to read. “So yeah, even if getting dragged by Jared into a shower is a fairly recent fantasy of Jensen’s, the sheer level of agony he’s in combined with the humiliation of being proven a delicate little flower in front of his best friend has pretty much ruined the mood.”


Neon Showman by [info]atimi
Written for [info]spn_j2_bigbang 
Rating: R
Word count: 24,000
Authors summary: The love story of Jared and Jensen as observed by one Chad Michael Murray. While Jared experiences a journey of self-discovery in which he realizes he's gay, lands a role on Supernatural and falls for his new co-star, Chad names his penis, chairs the Eric Brady fanclub and develops an unhealthy fascination with fraternal incest.
Comment: Possibly one of the most inspired ideas for a J2 fic ever. Chad, lovable little scamp that he is, provides not only colourful commentary on the epic love story but also assists in nudging events along and writing the most perfect capsule Supernatural episode reviews. The reader’s admiration for him will not be denied. Hilarious and incredibly good fun.

Never Gonna Stop The Rain By Complainin’ by [info]conquest
Rating: PG13
Authors summary: Jensen hates Vancouver. Especially the weather.
Comment: This fic has a great slow-build that perfectly matches the tentative steps Jensen takes to acknowledge what’s going on between him and Jared.

Nipples and Cock. But Jensen’s Not Gay by [info]cadi_b
Word count: 7571
Comment: This is wonderfully written, full of easily pictured imagery and the exactly right emotional combination of sweetness and angst. Jensen finds a perfect home. During the first holiday, Jared and Sandy come to stay. By the next vacation, only Jared comes.

Nothing Says I Love You Like A Joint Checking Account by [info]jeyhawk

Rating: PG13
Word count: 5000
Authors summary: Jensen looks at houses and Jared plans a game room, or does he?
Comment: This is such an endearing tale, with a deft touch of humour to go along with its romantic nature. You end up really rooting for Jensen and hoping that he’ll be allowed to get what he wants. “The second place is in need of renovations, but it's nothing a handy man can't fix, if you believe Kathy. Jensen isn't a handy man. He's so not handy that Jared didn't even trust him to hang posters on the walls of his temporary bedroom. Just because he was holding a tube of superglue at the time, it doesn't mean he was going to use it. Seriously, who uses superglue to hang posters on the wall? Not Jensen, that's who.”


Once Smitten, Twice Shy
by [info]__tiana__
Rating: NC17
Word count: 9189
Authors summary: Jensen is smitten. Jared doesn’t notice. At first.
Comment: Jensen and Jared tiptoe round each other whilst filming Supernatural. Not that Jared realises that’s what they’re doing. This is slow and sweet and builds the escalating tension really well.

One Million Strings by [info]zortified
Rating: PG13
Authors summary: Beer, basketball, and strings. The boys are hella drunk and no on-screen smut.

Comment: The boys get drunk and talk about what strings would be attached if they had sex. The boys are so adorkable in this cute and fun fic.

One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila…Oh Damn by [info]fricky_fiction
Rating: NC17
Word count: 4627
Authors summary: Wherein tequila makes Jared really horny and Jensen gay.

Comment: Jared gets drunk and horny and expects Jensen to help a guy out.

One Through Five by [info]affectingly
Rating: NC17
Word count: 6277
Authors summary: Jared needs some time to come to terms with his feelings for Jensen.

Comment: Chad sows the seeds of the idea in Jared’s head, and now he can’t stop thinking about how he doesn’t want Jensen. Really. He doesn’t. The story is structured around the ‘Five Stages of Grief’ and it works so well. “And okay, so maybe, if he ever got really, really wasted, he might think getting it on with Jensen was a good plan, but that’s only because at a certain point, his brain shuts down while his dick keeps working. After all, an ass is an ass is an ass, right? Right. So, that’s just natural. But Jensen, he’s too god damn pretty for Jared’s tastes anyway. If he’s in the mood for pretty, that’s when he fucks women. Men aren’t supposed to be that unnaturally gorgeous. They’re just not.”

Only Their Hairdresser Knows For Sure by [info]runedgirl
Rating: R
Comment: Jared wants them to get to the fucking, but something is holding Jensen back. This is a joy to read. “Anyone working on the set would have had to have been deaf, dumb, blind, numb and comatose not to have noticed that something was going on with their two stars. Horseplay one minute, pissed off the next. Joined at the hip, then reluctant to be in the same room. Some people were starting to get nervous. Some were laying on their shrink’s couches working through anxiety attacks. Some were getting plastered and making mental notes to work on their resumes. After all, the show depended on their chemistry. Everyone knew it; everyone said it. No chemistry, no show.”

Only you (Is this a story we’ll tell the grandkids?) by [info]frayen

Rating: PG13
Word count: 1899
Authors summary: Jensen wasn’t speaking to him and Jared couldn’t figure out why. Well, ok maybe he could, but they had talked about it and they were cool, everything was supposed to be cool. Or maybe that conversation had just happened in Jared’s head.
Comment: Tom and Mike almost steal the show in this sweet story, but Jared and Jensen grab the attention back with their shifting POVs, cluelessness and last minute gestures.

Overheard In Vancouver by [info]lazy_daze
Rating: PG13
Word count: 3200
Comment: Lovely story where we see Jared and Jensen’s relationship evolve through the eyes of their driver.


Physical (You’re So) by [info]elanorelle
Rating: NC17
Word count: 3918
Authors summary: Jensen is a manly guy. So is Jared. Question is, who's going to come out on top?

Comment: Jensen attempts to not bottom for Jared in this highly entertaining and fun read. “It's obvious, he thinks, or it should be: Jensen Ackles is a manly guy, in all aspects of his life. He chugs his beer, and he drives a truck, and he likes sports; he's tall and well-built and he works out (well, sometimes; not as much as Jared, admittedly, but then he's pretty sure nobody except perhaps some Olympic athlete with a masochistic streak would work out as much as Jared), and he certainly knows how to show his partner a good time, manfully.”

Popcorn and Tequila by [info]fleur_de_mort
Rating: NC17
Comment: Jensen isn’t sure why he’s in Jared’s bed.

Probably by [info]memphis86
Rating: R
Word count: 2550
Authors summary: Because food tastes better off his plate.
Comment: Any fic that makes you love both Chad and his foul mouthed Nana has got to be good. And pretty damn funny. After Jensen moves into Jared’s place, he comes out by explaining that he’s gone for Robert Downey Jnr..

Problem, Plan, Solution by [info]albydarned
Written for [info]j2_otpathon
Rating: NC17
Authors summary: Jared tries to convince himself, once and for all, that he is
not attracted to Jensen. He's not; so, he makes a plan, a really good, Jared Padalecki-style plan of action ... and chances are it's going to fail just on that principle alone.
Comment: This is such a good first time story where Jared convinces himself that in order to not be attracted to Jensen, he just has to make Jensen seem more manly. It’s a great mix of funny and hot. “In the end, Jared decides that what he really needs to do about this … this problem he’s got is to man-ify Jensen. Jared hasn't known Jensen for too long; his hope is that maybe somewhere, buried under the years and years of Hollywood and the limelight is a guy who drinks lots of beer and belches and throws nachos at the screen when his team loses. Jared figures he’s just got to yank that guy out, and then this … whatever he’s picking up on will just go away. It’s a bona-fide Jared Padalecki plan of action. (Jared doesn’t try to think of how badly his plans usually turn out; especially plans he’s made after two or three – or six or seven – beers.).”

Punch Drunk by [info]rivers_bend
Rating: R
Word count: 3000
Authors summary: Gay sex is just one of the things that happens when you drink Mike's punch. Or is it?

Comment: Crazy party-throwing Mike Rosenbaum and his drink-it-at-your-own-peril punch play yenta in this adorable and funny fic.


Sandy McCoy’s School Of Social Reform: Save A Horse by [info]phaballa
Comment: This is one of those laugh out loud kind of stories, where Sandy is Jared’s beard and both the boys may possibly be retarded. “Plus, Sandy is totally hot, even if Jared's dick doesn't seem to care, which has the added benefit of keeping other chicks off him and making the fans get all schmoopy over his great love. It pretty much rules on all sides, having Sandy around, and at least she's nice to look at.”

Say Goodbye To Conventional Ways by [info]lyndasty
Rating: NC17
Authors summary: Wherein Jensen gets drunk, Jared gets jealous and Jensen dances.  And there there was...well you'll have to read and see...
Comment: Hot fic.

See Me Slowing Down by [info]lazy_daze 
Written for [info]spn_j2_xmas
Rating: PG13
Word count: 3200
Comment: This is a Jensen secretly pines for Jared until Jared surprises him with his true feelings fic. It’s just as warm and sweet as you can imagine it would be and I loved that the boys could finish each other’s sentences.

Seventeen Dirty Magazines by [info]blue_soaring
Rating: NC17
Word count: 3200
Authors summary: But really, when he thinks about it, Jensen’s not sure how the hell Jared does it.
Comment: This is a sweet and funny look at the moment where sex becomes something more. The Jared and Jensen portrayed in this, are just wonderfully easy to enjoy. “Jensen drops the sock and leans back against the half-full washer to consider the many varied implications of a Jared afflicted with cabin fever. The ride to set would be made hell by Jared’s insufferable leg-jiggle. Their friendly gaming between scenes would become tainted with the snarling, sniping need to win. Shooting would be just plain disastrous.”

Side By Side In This Gentle Descent by [info]finn21
Rating: NC17
Word count: 9039
Authors summary: Jared reads a lot and flirts with guys. Jensen pines. It’s just another modern day fairytale.
Comment: Jensen gets confused about his feelings for Jared after they move in together and Jared starts exploring his sexuality following his break up with Sandy. This has a really nice gentle feel to it but still manages to capture the joyfulness of boys bantering.

Simple by [info]cynthia_arrow
Word count: 2800
Authors summary: 2800 words of relatively mushy first time fic.

Comment: Angsty Jensen frets over getting involved with Jared. But then he does and they have dirty hot sex. This is delightful.

Simple Pleasures by [info]destina

Word count: 2880
Authors summary: Jensen loves Jared's bed.
Comment: The lazy intimacy between the boys turns into something much hotter, while still keeping that sense of comfortable domesticity. I love stories like this, where the atmosphere shapes the tone and writing to create something that you can really sense.

Six Degrees
and Morning Light by [info]estrella30
Rating: NC17
Authors summary: (Six Degrees) Everyone knows everyone else. And then there's sex.

Comment: Damn it. See this, this is the kind of fic that almost makes me think I should be watching Smallville. And why? Because the Michael Rosenbaum in this is just the most awesomest thing ever. This is laugh out load funny and so wonderfully exuberant that you can’t not love it. “Mike clapped his hands again. "Perfect. So. Since you're all here-" and he was looking at Jensen with this look. This gleam in his eyes and man, Jensen had never been the one on the receiving end of that look before, but Alli had once, and that was the day all her shoes wound up glued to the floor. That look meant trouble, and suddenly all Jensen wanted to do was get the hell out of there.”

Size Matters by [info]annella

Rating: NC17
Word count: 1900
Authors summary: Jensen's a size queen with a liking for Jared. Jared's a well-endowed guy with a liking for Jensen's ass. They fight crime! This is PORN.
Comment: Jensen-is-a-cock-slut fic. What’s not to love?

Sleeping Lessons by [info]immoralilly
Rating: PG13
Word count: 1894
Authors summary: Schmoop. So much schmoop. Jensen has Tragic Love for Jared, and Jared is very fond of snuggling.

Comment: This is adorable to the max. Jared likes to cuddle and Jensen likes Jared.

Smile For Me Baby by [info]affectingly
Rating: NC17
Word count: 5390
Authors summary: The thing about Jared is he likes a good challenge. He likes to be good at everything he does, and he loves to win. So when he starts to notice the difficulty in making Jensen Ackles grin like a damn Cheshire cat, he takes it as a personal test, a dare that he just can’t say no to.
Comment: A perfect first time story where Jared loves to make Jensen smile. “See, Jensen’s smiles have never been like Jared’s – easy and honest. When Jensen smiles for the camera, it’s scarcely real and it rarely reaches his eyes, but on the extraordinary occasion something truly and completely makes him beam like a hundred-watt light bulb, it’s the most beautiful thing Jared’s ever seen.”

Somethin’ In the Water
by [info]unamaga
Rating: R
Word count: 2051
Comment: Jared is seriously hot for Jensen in this sexy and amusing story.

Something To Think About by [info]dorkdance
Comment: This is so great. Both funny and hot in just the right amounts and grounded emotionally thanks to the well written characterisations. Drunk Jared and Jensen have sex and then Jared totally wigs out because he’s cheated on Sandy.

Spick and Span and Spotless by [info]hd_obsession

Rating: PG13
Word count: 1200
Authors summary: Jared wants to do something nice for Jensen. But all he gets are messes.
Comment: Jared being accidentally incompetent around the house while trying to do nice things for Jensen is just the sweetest thing ever.

Spin Me Right ‘Round Baby by [info]kashmir1
Rating: NC17
Comment: The boys play spin the bottle and one thing leads to another in this hot fic.

Spooning Is a Gateway Drug by [info]beckaandzac
Rating: NC17
Authors summary: Post season 4, Jared is wiped. Jensen decides he needs cuddling. Then there is 4000 words of cuddling. And some sexytimes.
Comment: Wanting and cuddling and awkwardness combine with flaily boys to make this a super-cute story with a great build-up.

Standing On The Outside Looking In by [info]ms_soma 
Written for [info]spn_j2_xmas
Rating: PG13
Word count: 6162
Authors summary: The journey of Jared and Jensen, through the eyes of an outsider during their last two years of filming.

Comment: Delightful story of the boys told from the point of view of a diner owner in Vancouver.

Sticks and Stones by [info]estrella30
Rating: NC17
Word count: 22,000
Comment: I so could have recced this under illness and injury but included it here because whilst Jared getting hurt is a main part of the story, it’s really the catalyst for the angst, schmoop, joy and sexing that follows. I can’t stress enough how enjoyable and well written this is and at over 20,000 words you have plenty of time to savour the journey.

Sweet Talk by [info]dark_reaction
Rating: NC17
Authors summary: The boys take a trip out to a lake to get some R&R, but end up getting more than they'd bargained for.

Comment: There’s great back and forth banter in this fic about Jared & Jensen taking a day trip to a lake, along with an almost scene-stealing Rosenbaum and Welling, along with some really smoking sexing and boys in swimsuits.

Sweet Talk by [info]destina
Word count: 3207
Authors summary: Jensen found the first candy heart stuck to the handle of his trailer door with a wad of Scotch tape. U R CUTE, it announced, in its quiet purple way.
Comment: Quite possibly one of the most adorable J2 stories ever, all cute, sweet and gentle. This is so excellently written that it never slips from this into trite slush. Jared woos Jensen with candy. “Jensen found the first candy heart stuck to the handle of his trailer door with a wad of Scotch tape. U R CUTE, it announced, in its quiet purple way. He plucked it off the tape and stood looking at it, thinking about which of the crew on set might be a huge enough dork to leave him candy like they were in the fifth grade.”


Take Ten and Take Ten Redux by [info]miss_begonia (friends only)
Rating: R-NC17
Authors summary: In which Jared is emo, and Jensen is patient.
Comment: One story from Jareds point of view and one from Jensen's, charting their fumbling attempts at getting together. These are smart and funny and feature a scene stealing Christian Kane.

Tequila – A Love Story by [info]telleer
Rating: NC17
Authors summary: Tequila can make you do the most unpredictable things...
Comment: Tequila helps the boys get together via drunkenness and body shots in this hot and porny tale.

Testing A Theory by [info]lostt1
Rating: NC17
Word count: 4213
Authors summary: Jensen and Jared go to a Halloween Party.
Comment: It's Mike and Tom’s Halloween party so truths come out and a happy ending ensues. Yay.

Texas State Of Mind by [info]brynwulf
Word count: 3000
Authors summary: Jared's homesick
Comment: The boys are drunk and homesick in this hot and desperate first time story.

The Complete Idiots Guide To Crushing On A Douche by [info]ladyjaida
Comment: Oh god, this story is funny. Everything, from Chad being scared of Jared’s enormous cock to Sandy’s encouragement, is detailed with such a sense of glee that it’s impossible not to get caught up in it and laugh your ass off. “Jared tries it on for size, getting a little gayer each time. Jensen doesn’t complain when Jared puts his finger up Jensen’s nose, which Sandy says is subliminal, penis-in-the-ass messaging anyway, or when Jared starts putting his hand on Jensen’s chest in front of press lines, which Chad would never have let Jared do.”

The End Of Fear Is Where We Begin by [info]technosage
Rating: R
Word count: 3902
Authors summary: Everything reminds Jensen of Jared, and it's getting to be sort of a problem. For one thing, he's pretty sure the guy's straight. For another, it goes against just about every rule he's created for himself.
Comment: Jensen has rules about dealing with co-stars, but Jared is making it hard for him to stick to them in this tender story.

The Eyelash Effect Pt 1 and Pt 2 by [info]runedgirl
Rating: R
Comment: Very funny and coolly stylised story where the boys have an epiphany in a restaurant and realise that just maybe they should be having sex. “A day ago standing in Jensen’s kitchen, holding beers, hanging out would have been normal. But because an eyelash fell onto the cheek of an actor in an Indian restaurant in Vancouver Canada all bets are off.”

The Games Men Play by [info]dark_reaction and [info]miss_begonia
Rating: NC17
Word count: 3965
Authors summary: Remember Footloose? Boy on boy vis a vis TRACTORS? Well, we got rid of the tractors.
Comment: Very funny fic where the boys play ‘gay chicken’ until they realise they’re doing it for real.

The Infectious Love Of Eric Kripke by [info]nemo_88
Rating: NC17
Word count: 4000
Authors summary: Supernatural season 4 gets bought by Showtime. Wincest turns canon. For real. The Js are mindboggled, awkwardness arises and meanwhile, Eric Kripke is in love…
Comment: Showtime buys Supernatural from the CW, so of course they want to make it in gay incest horror show. Jared and Jensen react exactly the way they should. This is really funny and surprising.

The Jared Padalecki Brand Of Romance by [info]not_refined
Word count: 2620
Authors summary: So, Misha Collins is an evil genius and Jensen kind of hates him. Or he loves him. Whatever.
Comment: As part of a dastardly scheme, or something that I’m not going to give away, Jared becomes very close friends with Misha Collins. Meanwhile Jensen acts adorably sulky and jealous. So cute. “Damn it. If Jensen was a more suspicious person, he’d think there was something going on between them. But he knows for a fact that Jared isn’t over Sandy, so that’s probably... maybe not true. That’s the only explanation for why he hasn’t been dating at all. But then, after a bad breakup is when most people decide to try out the flexibility of their sexuality, so...”

The One Where Mayhem Saves the Day...Sort Of by [info]riverofnara
Rating: R
Authors summary: If Chad had known just how much trouble Jensen Ackles would really be, he would have tossed Jensen out the door the first time they met with a swift Nike-clad foot in the ass.
Comment: Disarmingly cute tale of Chad’s POV of Jared maybe going gay for Jensen.

The One With the Closet by [info]schneestern
Rating: NC17
Authors summary: The boys get drunk and play Truth or Dare.

Comment: Can anything be better than Jared and Jensen playing truth or dare with Mike and Tom whilst consuming vast amounts of booze? Heee. Not really. This is funny and dirty and a joy to read. “The thing is, he's already had too much to drink and he really has no idea whether he can even stand up at all. So, instead of leaving, Jensen grabs his beer and empties it in one go, before picking truth. He flips Jared off, when he calls Jensen a wuss for not picking dare. At least Jensen wasn't the one who snorted a line of sugar because Tom fucking Welling dared him to. Jared's face is still a bit puffy from all the tears streaming down the face after he inhaled all the sugar. Apparently it stings quite a lot if you snort sugar. Who'd have thought?”

The Only Pretty Ring Time by [info]balefully
Rating: NC17
Word count: 2500
Authors summary: Jared gets a nipple ring. Jensen approves.

Comment: Jared gets a piercing and Jensen gets worked up.

The Places You Will be From by [info]destina

Rating: PG
Word count: 5203
Authors summary: Jensen moves in on a Friday.
Comment: The build up of tension and yearning between the boys is pretty damn perfect in this. Jared asks Jensen to move in with him and then starts wondering why. “The truth is, it hasn't even occurred to Jared that Jensen would need a bed, and he suddenly feels like the world's biggest ass. Jensen had been sleeping on his couch for years, and that was just how it was. Jensen moving in, though...Jared's still getting used to all the things that are going to be different. Any other guest in his house, he'd have made sure they had a bed, sheets, curtains, the whole deal, but he was so damn glad Jensen had given in on being roommates that it hadn't crossed his mind. "Tomorrow I'll go buy you a bed," he says, but Jensen instantly frowns in that way that tells Jared he's just made a serious mistake.”

The Seven Shirts Of Jared Padalecki by
Rating: NC17
Word count: 7760
Authors summary: Jared's lack of fashion sense just might finally drive Jensen crazy one of these days...

Comment: This is a cute fic where the boys get together because Jared’s sister makes him wear some really silly t-shirts.

The Sinner In Me by [info]nemo_88
Rating: PG13
Word count: 5700
Authors summary: This is my religious!Jensen "homosexuality-is-a-sin" fic. Enjoy!
Comment: This is beautifully written. An almost heart-breaking story of a Jensen torn between Jared and his faith.

The Song On Track Number 5 by [info]keepaofthecheez and [info]la_folle_allure
Comment: Fabulous story charting the progression of the boys friendship into something more. This is beautifully written and excellently paced.

The Things My Momma Taught Me by [info]estrella30
Word count: 5300
Comment: Schmoopy, fuzzy, squee inducing first time fic. Jared’s parents each taught him different things and this is about how he applies that to his life and Jensen. “It's funny, because sometimes when Jared's with Jensen he starts to feel like they're just like his momma and daddy. Not in that way, of course. Lord knows that Jared's not going to let the cat out of that bag anytime soon. Him and Jensen are friends-best friends-and if Jared spends a little too much time thinking the things he has no business thinking, well, that's between him and the inside of his own head. No one else.”

The Ultimate Gay Test Or Whether Or Not To Lick Jensen Ackles and The Ultimate Gay Test 2: The Padalecki Plan Of Penetration 
Rating: PG13-NC17
Authors summary: (The Ultimate Gay Test or Whether Or Not To Lick Jensen Ackles) It's not as if Jared's gay. He thinks. It's just that Jensen's so goddamn pretty.

Comment: These stories rock the house. Honestly. They’re just so good. And if you weren’t hot for Jensen before you read these, you certainly would be based on the descriptions of his face alone. And this Jared, so freaking adorable. They have everything you’d want in fanfiction: the funny, the sweet, the emotional the hot, the saucy. I could rhapsodise over its greatness for ages, but it would be best if you just read them if you haven’t already. “Because he clicks on the link to the first picture and suddenly there are these eyes staring at him. Big, dark, eyelashes to sweep the fucking world eyes. For a moment he just sits there, staring. Takes him a whole five minutes before he even lets his gaze travel further down. And there they are. Lips. The lips. The most perfect lips he’s ever seen on anyone. Meg was wrong though. They aren’t girly lips. In fact girl parts don’t come anywhere near the images those lips are projecting in Jared’s brain.”

The Way You Wear Your Head by [info]light_up
Rating: PG13
Word count: 1758
Comment: Effortlessly warm and soft story where Jensen is confused about what Jared wants.

There Moves A Thread That Has No End
by [info]keepaofthecheez
Written for [info]spn_j2_bigbang
Rating: NC17
Word count: 20,209
Authors summary: Sometimes you get a second chance to see what’s right in front of you.

Comment: J2 do Groundhog Day where Jensen is Bill Murray and has to learn the true meaning of love.

Things My Mother Taught Me by [info]sevenfists
Rating: NC17
Word count: 7200
Comment: You just know that any story starting with Chad offering Jared fifty bucks to fuck Jensen in the ass, is going to be brilliant and this doesn’t disappoint. “The only obstacle standing in the way of Jared's triumph was Jensen—or  rather, Jensen's single-minded dedication to getting as much pussy as he possibly could. And he got a lot. Shit pissed Jared off. Even more so when there were fifty bucks on the line. Jared needed a plan. He needed a way to get Jensen in a position where he wouldn't be able to turn Jared down—or, well, he could, but then Jared would have mocking rights for the rest of their natural lives.”

Thirteen Ways Of Looking At A Relationship by [info]chash
Rating: PG13
Word count: 1500
Authors summary: Jensen moved in with Jared against his better judgment.
Comment: Absolutely hilarious boys are stupid fic that just fills you with glee. Jensen agrees to move in with Jared even though he’s nursing a giant crush. “It turns out that moving in with the guy you're in love with is stupid. Like, epically stupid. Michael Rosenbaum stupid. Chad Michael Murray stupid.”

This Strange Effect by [info]miss_begonia (friends only)
Rating: NC17
Word count: 7060
Comment: This story has such a great Jared inner-monologue that completely takes you in and keeps you there for the duration of the story. To watch him slowly understand his lust and love for Jensen is a joy. “He wants to smack Wentworth-fucking-Miller silly because he’s making Jensen smile in that way he thought only he could. It’s the same way Jensen grins when Jared makes some cheesy joke or flubs one of his lines or does some other clumsy dumbass thing because he wants to cheer Jensen up or even just amuse him for a few minutes. Make him happy. Jared loves when Jensen’s happy – it makes the world a better place for a little while. Everything’s prettier and brighter and makes more sense when Jensen smiles like that. It just is.”

Too Think to Drunk Straight by [info]quasianpride

Rating: PG13-R
Word count: 1862.
Authors summary: Whenever Jensen gets drunk, he bakes. Mike Rosenbaum is a dick. And Jared is just drunk enough to molest Jensen without feeling guilty about it.
Comment: This is very funny. Plus it’s impossible not to adore drunken rambling Jensen.

Try Not To Breathe by [info]nu_breed
Rating: NC17
Word count: 6650
Authors summary: Jensen always crushes on straight boys. Jared always flirts. Jensen thinks too much. Jared doesn’t really think at all.

Comment: Slow boiling story about Jensen having a crush on Jared. A perfect sense of melancholy pervades the sections where Jensen is in full on unrequited love.

Twenty Minutes To Jaded by [info]guard_the_cards
Rating: R
Authors summary: Centered on the twenty minutes that make Jensen Jaded.
Comment: Sad but hopeful story about the history Jensen has with people objectifying his lips…Until Jared comes along and changes that. ““Freckles” and Jared says it like he’s discovered a new country, and he breaks into a smile, that nearly splits his face in half. “Dude, you’ve totally got freckles.””

Two Times Jared (or when Jared stopped believing he was straight) by [info]benitle
Written for [info]spn_j2_bigbang
Rating: NC17
Word count: 27,300
Authors summary: Jared thinks he's a normal, straight guy. Until he meets his gay self, or well, his other self that's a little more than gay for Jensen.

Comment: This has such a brilliantly original premise. Jared’s sort-of invisible gay double shows up to teach him how much he wants Jensen. Whilst this may sound cracky, it’s not. It’s simply sweet and funny and honest, with a perfect rhythm and flow that makes it seem like the most natural thing in the world.


(Un)Comfortable by [info]cherryscott
Rating: NC17
Word count: 3000
Authors summary: When it happens, it isn't the kind of perfect Jensen expected it to be.
Comment: The uncomfortableness of the situation is so perfectly conveyed and the story is surprisingly sweet for something so amusing.

Under the Bushes, Under the Stars by [info]helpwess
Rating: R
Word count: 2033
Comment: Odd and amusing story with fantastically eccentric dialogue that still feels like it could come from conversations the boys have.


Waiting to Finally Be Caught (the Between the Bars remix) by [info]alasse
Written for [info]j2_remix
Rating: PG13
Word count: 2380
Authors summary: It’s a thing of Jensen’s, you see, to realize something when he’s too close to three sheets to the wind and Jared’s worse off next to him.
Comment: Lovely and satisfying. “If he were to chart it, to count it, to make sense of it, somehow, Jensen thinks he could measure the growth of whatever he and Jared are by the number of beers they’ve shared, by the number of times they’ve gone to bars and steakhouses, to dives and awful network parties. It sounds undeniably alcoholic, but it’s a thing of Jensen’s, you see, to realize something when he’s too close to three sheets to the wind and Jared’s worse off next to him.”

Warm Milk and Excedrin PM by [info]lazy_daze
Rating: PG13
Word count: 2800
Comment: Schmoopy cuddling fic loosely based on the best nap ever episode of friends. It’s so damn adorable. “For all they've spent so many hours with each other over the past three years, there are some things you only lean about a person when you live with them, see them in the morning and evening, when they're gearing up and winding down. Jensen's pretty cranky in the morning, which Jared finds hilarious and secretly adorable, but annoyingly placid in the evenings just when Jared's wearing thin. They work, though, the two of them in one house. Really work. It's kind of awesome.”

Waking Jared by [info]jboogey78
Rating: NC17
Word count: 2549
Authors summary: Jensen’s in love with Jared and Jared is oblivious…or so Jensen thinks.

Comment: Cute fic where Jared finds out about Jensen’s big gay love for him by passing around a ‘do you like me?’ note.

We Might As Well Be Strangers by [info]pez_gurl
Rating: NC17
Word count: 9700
Authors summary: Jared buys Jensen kittens for his birthday. Everything changes.
Comment: Everyone knows that tiny kittens are the best things in the world ever! But tiny kittens and J2…awesome. Jared decides to give some fluffballs to Jensen, but then gets jealous of the attention they get. “And he's scaring Jared, especially when Jared comes into his trailer after grabbing his food to find Jensen sitting on his little sofa, laptop in his lap, the kittens crawling all over him as he looks up names on some website meant for parents looking for baby names.”

Well They Said You Was High Class by [info]impertinence
Word count: 20,000
Authors summary: Jensen doesn't know much, but he does know this: there is no way on God's green earth he is ever going to sleep with Jared.
Comment: Heee. Funny and adorable story where Jared is a slut and Jensen wants him anyway.

What Jared Wants by [info]ashley (friends only)
Comment: A playful and sexy story, where tequila eases the way for Jared and Jensen to get together for some loving.

Wherein Jared Tells Jensen To Look At Llamas (But He Doesn’t) by [info]ze_pink_lady
Rating: R
Authors summary: Jared Tells Jensen To Look At Llamas, But He Doesn't...
Comment: Really amusing story where Jensen finds J2 fanfiction on Jared’s laptop. Dirty hot sex follows.

Wilful Sins by [info]destina
Word count: 3319
Authors summary: Jared is smiling now, a happy kind of smile, like a shark might smile right before he catches his dinner in his big, sharp, sexy teeth. "C'mon, Jensen," he says. "Let's play a game."
Comment: I love stories that start off as funny and hot but then reveal the emotion underneath to make it so much more. This is definitely one of those and the last few lines never fail to make me squee with glee.

Will You Still Respect Me In the Morning by [info]frayen
Rating: R
Word count: 2557
Authors summary: Jensen was doing well with the whole 'resisting Jared's charms' until some scenes in a certain episode proved too tempting.

Comment: Jensen gets distracted when Sam gets tied up.

Win-Win Situation by [info]mediaville 
Written for [info]spn_j2_xmas
Rating: NC17
Word count: 11,700
Authors summary: The (plot device) made us do it! The boys have to make out on camera.
Comment: This story is genuinely entertaining and playful. Jared and Jensen agree to a journalist’s bet that they’ll make out if they win a Peoples Choice award. So, of course, they do.

With Paper and String by [info]hkath 
Written for [info]spn_j2_xmas
Rating: PG13
Word count: 7872
Authors summary: Jensen's mixtape still has two songs on it. His birdhouse died in the planning stage. The hair on his knuckles is growing back all weird and bristly. He hasn't been having the best month.
Comment: Idiosyncratic, funny and oddly romantic, this is my idea of a great fic. Awkward!Jensen is awkwarder than you could ever imagine and Jared shows his love through knitting. All this joy just from the yearly on-set secret-santa exchange. I loved this so much. “Last year, Jared's gift to Kim was a pair of tin can stilts. He made them in his garage the night before the exchange, using two tomato cans and an old skipping rope he found. They were such a hit that they're still hanging behind the door in Kim's trailer. Last year, Jensen made Shannon a mixtape. The year before, he made Alona a mixtape.”

Woman Like a Man by [info]timewillbe

Rating: NC17
Word count: 19,200
Authors summary: Jared's a girl, Jensen's sexually confused, Eric's pissed and Chad's a surprisingly good friend.

Comment: Genderswap fic where Jared gets to be the girl. Very enjoyable. I like that there’s hardly any angst but instead it’s vibrant and fun.

Won’t Be the Last by [info]badfalcon
Rating: PG13
Authors summary: It’s the night before Jensen has a big audition. He’s tired and stressed. His friends have the perfect idea for helping him to relax…

Comment: Adorable story where Jared and Jensen meet the day before their Supernatural auditions thanks to their funny yet meddling friends. This features one of my favourite Jared meets Jensen lines ever. “"Jensen? Hi, I’m Jared. Riley seems to think we should be fucking." A broad grin broke out on Jared’s face when the man sitting on the couch in front of him looked up, one eyebrow quirked in amusement. "And now that I've met you? I think he might be right!" His grin only widened, dimples bracketing his full lips as Jensen’s eyes widened and he spat his beer out, pink blush covering his cheeks, making his freckles all the more prominent.”

Would You Like Coffee With Your Crisis and I’ll Have Mine Black and Bitter by [info]runedgirl
Rating: PG13-R
Comment: These are both extremely enjoyable stories full of funny dialogue, a seriously oblivious Jensen and a patient Jared.


You Ain’t Lonely by [info]winterlive
Rating: NC17
Word count: 4600
Comment: Jensen does such a good job pretending to be Jared’s boyfriend that maybe he might just be a little bit gay. “That hand is just above his hip. Not directly on it, nothing so obvious, but just that inch lower than it usually would be. It's awkward, a little. Any other time he'd just thump Jensen's shoulder and go for a beer, and it'd be forgotten the next minute, but this time, that warm weight is sending exactly the right signals to everybody watching, and Jared has to leave it.”

You and Me, Sand and Sea by [info]sometimesophie
Rating: NC17
Word count: 26,000
Authors summary: After their plane crashes over the ocean, stranding them on an unfamiliar island, Jared and Jensen have to learn to survive - both the island and each other.
Comment: Wonderfully written long fic that manages to convey the sheer physicality of what happens to the boys as well as the emotional impacts. There are moments of reel sadness here but these are deftly combined with lighter interactions, often times provided by surprisingly well drawn out original characters that in a lesser writers hand could read like bad Mary-Sues.

You’re Up Against Never Being Right by [info]marishna
Rating: NC17
Word count: 3334
Authors summary: There are some things you really don't learn about someone until you live with them and share their space. Not that Jared was a shy guy, by any means, but now that Jensen lived with Jared, it was hard not to be privy to his inner most thoughts.
Comment: Adorable Jensen in moves in with Jared story. In this one Jensen is gay and single and may just have a bit of a crush on his roommate. Jared is recently single, hasn’t had sex in a while and hits on Jensen when he’s drunk.


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