Callie's Critters

It started with a horse..... 

Me and My Dogs - 1997



We had dogs when I was a kid, but none that stand out in my memory. It wasn't until I was done traveling and settled down, bought my own house, and got a Real Job that I decided I could finally buy my own horse.


I was living in a city but still traveling --- not just to work and to the stables, but also around the country. Then I quit the job,  moved to the country with my now three horses, and bought a farm — and  I realized I needed a dog. 


That was a Border Collie (mostly) puppy that came to live with me the day I moved in, just before Christmas 1991.  I named him BB, which could stand for Big Boy or Best Buddy.  He was very smart, was tireless at frisbee, and loved going riding with me and the horses. I wish I had more pictures of him.


My realtor gave me a cat and I brought an old cat who had adopted me while I was staying with my friend Nancy.  I also brought a pony with me to keep my horse company, because she had never lived alone before.