posted Oct 1, 2011, 3:42 AM by Vista Noroozian
Dear Loyal Friends
The New Rochelle Darbe-Mehr was the very .rst Zoroastrian Center in North America.
The community enjoyed the charming building for many decades but we out grew it and
after years of grueling searches we found a wonderful property in Pomona NY which
housed a Jewish community center. This was purchased in 2001 by funds collected by IZA
and ZAGNY and has been the Zoroastrian Religious and Cultural center for the past 10
years. Over the years we have considered many options from upgrading to expansion to
a completely new building.
The property is outstanding but the building is inadequate for our needs and most
importantly is void of a Persian and Zoroastrian look and ambiance.
After years of discussion, the majority decided that a new building makes the most sense
- a group of 17 "diehard believers" from IZA and ZAGNY formed the New Darbe-Mehr
Initiative (NDMI) LLC, a business entity to jump start the project which was capitalized
with $500,000 personal donations from these 17 people to take this project to the next
We all have enjoyed di.erent functions and occasions at the Darbe-Mehr, we have felt
that there is a place that we could go and be closer to our Persian culture and heritage
while everything else around us here and even back in our country is pulling us away
from that authenticity!
While at Darbe-Mehr we all have belonged to a proud nation and history that Ferdowsis,
Hafeses, Foroughs,... as well as Dehkhodas, Farahvashis, and...have written about and we
have felt that glorious unity.
Now it is time to show our support for the new Darbe-Mehr in the best way that we possibly
can and help for this vision to come into fruition.
You also could .nd more detail information in
Let us all donate the highest amount that we feel comfortable with towards ensuring
that the New Darbe_Mehr Building continues in itspath and please bear in mind that the
donation you give this year could be repeated and/or raised for the year 2012 and 2013
since this is a long term project and it will be still going on at that time and still needs our
support. Please .ll out the Donation form and send it to:
Shirin Khosravi, 419 Wolf Hill Rd, Dix Hills, NY. 11746
IZA Board