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About the Artist

Izabela Kowalewska-Cole was born in Wrocław, Poland, where she attended the Academy of Fine Arts (Akademia Sztuk Pięknych), earning Master's Degrees in both painting and ceramics in 1988.

Izabela's ceramic works range from whimsical, whistling heads to large, abstract geometric shapes. And she paints, in the European tradition, all forms: landscapes, portraits, and still lives. 

Her landscape paintings have been described as "works of an eloquent and poetic colorist." Her portraits "are creations of the attentive eye seeking the truth of a sitter. She neither flatters nor humuliates her subjects, but grasps the uniqueness of a person through the use of color, varied brush stroke and thickness of paint."

Izabela has exhibited her work at galleries throughout the United States (including in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Scottsdale, New Orleans, and Indianapolis), as well as in the United Kingdom and Poland.

Two of her paintings, which won the top two prizes in a Polish competition, were given to the Pope, and now reside in the Vatican's permanent collection.

Solo Exhibitions

October 2000. Clare Hall, University of Cambridge, Cambridge UK.

April-May 1998. 4 Star Gallery, Indianapolis, Indiana

April-May 1996. Hugh N. Ronald Memorial Gallery, Portland, Indiana (sponsored by Jay County Arts Council)

December 1995. The Towne Collection Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona

March 1995. The Towne Collection Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona

April 1994. Trojanowska Gallery, San Francisco, California.

January 1993. Trojanowska Gallery, San Francisco, California

June 1992. Trojanowska Gallery, San Francisco, California

January 1991. Stanford University, Bechtel International Center, Stanford, California

Group and Studio Shows

August 2008. Dean Johnson Gallery, Indianapolis, Indiana.

September 2008. Prima Gallery. Bloomington, Indiana.

March 2006. Indianapolis Art Center, Indianapolis, Indiana.

March 2004. LAMP Gallery, Indianapolis, Indiana.

March 1997. Aula Zak
ładu Narodowego im. Ossolinskich, Wrocław, Poland.

January 1997. Galeria Sztuki BWA, Jelenia G
óra, Poland.

December 1996. Salon Wystawowy Bok, Boles
ławiec, Poland.

November 1996. Artsgarden, Indianapolis, Indiana.

July 1994. Trojanowska Gallery, San Francisco, California.

December 1993. Studio Show, 3001 N. New Jersey, Indianapolis, Indiana.

July 1989. Modern Art Gallery, Los Angeles, California.

October 1988. Akademia Sztuk Pi
ęknych, Wrocław, Poland.

For more information, including photos of more ceramics and paintings, please contact: 


7207 Chablis Ct 
Indianapolis, IN 46278
(317) 879-1330
ul. Turniejowa 10
53-014 Wroclaw
(48)(71) 339-7222

Professional photographs by Wilbert Montgomery; amateur photographs by Daniel H. Cole. All photos copyright©1998-2008 Izabela Kowalewska-Cole. They may not be copied, reprinted or used in any way without the express written consent of the artist.