Igor Korkin, Ph.D.

I am a senior researcher at the Russian Research Institute, Moscow, Russia. See my CV with publications here.

I finished National Research Nuclear University Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (NRNU MEPhI) faculty of Information Security. I graduated from NRNU MEPhI with distinction and did my post-graduate course at the Department of Cryptology and Discrete Mathematics.


  • was a finalist of the Conference RusCrypto 2011, 'Detection of nested virtual machine monitors (hypervisors)', rus-link.
  • won the championship “Hackers vs. Forensics“ on Forum “Positive Hack Days 2012” in Moscow, Russia, rus-link.
  • completed a course ‘Malicious Software and its Underground Economy: Two Sides to Every Story’ by Dr Lorenzo Cavallaro. Certificate with distinction verify it. (July-August 2013)
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Research interests

  • rootkits and anti-rootkits technologies;
  • spyware, backdoors and their detection;
  • information leakage channels;
  • secure operation systems;
  • hardware virtualization;
  • memory forensics.

Experience of teaching at University

  • Since 2012 I have been working as a teacher at NRNU MEPHI, training post-graduate students and supervising students.
  • The titles of diploma papers (2014) are: 
    • 'Stealthy malware detection system in Windows x64’
    • ‘Nested virtualization detection system’.
  • The titles of diploma papers (2015) are: 
    • ‘Applying Event Trace for Windows (ETW) to detect malware behavior’,
    • 'Memory Forensics of Windows x64',
    • ‘Spyware detection framework for Android’.