Specializing in Historic and Cultural Heritage Structures

Email me here, please      Model Counter: I currently have 100 models on the GE3DBL and 130 original 3DWH models

This historic railroad house is the first in Pburg on the GE3DBL. Colorado highway 131 has incredible natural history and human history, and you can enjoy it all from the privacy and convenience of your own automobile (kidding!).
It is a great road trip road, for sure.
A new collection of Americana that stands by the Highway
We started by collecting the classic signs along Route 66, but then we realized that these masterpieces of auto culture are everywhere.   

 AND - in the same collection...  Wheeler OR is on the GE3DBL

with its own new website...

Get your Clicks on Route 66
I know that's cheesy, but I couldn't resist...

awesome elk hunting, geology, history, in NorthWest Colorado


Nevadaville Colorado, high altitude boom town of the 1880s
- Submitted a shelter design to the Googenheim/GoogleEarth Competition

- Placing existing 3D aircraft models to depict Aviation Museum airparks
 US Air Force Armament Museum  Eglin AFB Florida, right on the Gulf!

Please contact me via this email form if you would like to discuss having a structure modeled for acceptance to the GE3DBL, I'd be glad to assist you, or I'll create the model for you, for a very reasonable fee.

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