Internet Controlled Vehicle

IXACP stands for "Internet XBee Arduino Controlled Project".     This project contains Arduino NetServer - Web Server for Internet Control , XBee - Wireless Remote Control the Vehicle , Arduino - Handle communication , Inputs and Outputs.

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Internet Controlled Vehicle uses Arduino NetServer to achieve online monitor / control.   Which means the people can use an Internet Browser , such as Firefox or IE , to monitor / control their Electronic Project.     

It features :
  - The vehicle with analog control about For/Backward , Left/Right Steering
  - A robotic arm controlled by 2 servos hook on the vehicle
  - The arm hold a flashlight which can also be turn ON/OFF by Arduino
  - The vehicle is fully controlled by Arduino which talk to PC wireless by XBee
  - Arduino NetServer allows Internet User fully control the Vehicle by an Internet Browser
  - The user can monitor the battery status of the Vehicle online

Xbee been used for wireless communication between a PC and the Vehicle.    
Arduino used for input and output.     
The Software - Arduino NetServer , uses Dev-C++ and SDL Library , can create a Web Server and send commands to Arduino.

The vehicle with a robotic arm , can be controlled and monitored through an internet browser.

XBee module for wireless control.   An USB Gamepad.   A webcam.

The program with functions : serial port communication , Web Server , USB Gamepad operation.

A tiny Web Server , one of the key functions of the program.
The user can turn on the webcam by click the button.   Some of the buttons can control the robotic arm , some control the vehicle forward/backward.     The flash light can be turn ON/OFF through the button"Light Switch".    When click on "Battery Status" , Arduino will detect the input which connects to the lithium battery on the vehicle.    Then send the information back to this screen and replace the string "Vehicle Battery Information" to the battery reading value(from 0-1023).


This project is intended to remote control / monitor electronic device.      The content includes Arduino , XBee , Modified Vehicle from the market , Servo , Web Server , Serial Port Communication , Robotic Arm.

The whole picture is , embedded a miniature web server into a client program , so the internet user can connect to the web server and enter commands.      Then the program forwards the commands from internet to serial port.       For achieving wireless communication , serial port connected to a XBee Module , then forward the commands to another Xbee that connected to Arduino.      After Arduino got the commands , it will generate related output or collect input data and feedback.

Except internet control , the client program also accepts the commands from keyboard and gamepad.

The client program works on MS Windows XP system.

User Interface
  • Web Server with buttons for vehicle control and Arduino input data display
  • USB Gamepad
  • USB Keyboard
Vehicle Control
  • Steering - Servo  1
  • Speed - DC Motor
  • Honk
  • Light - Switch ON/OFF
  • Robotic Arm - Light Control - Servo 2 - Left Right
  • Robotic Arm - Light Control - Servo 3 - Up Down
Arduino Input
  • Battery Status Monitor

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