You are invited to participate in the Fifth International Workshop in Sequential Methodologies from June 22 to 24, 2015, at Columbia University in the City of New York


Nitis Mukhopadhyay
Alexander Tartakovsky, Zhiliang Ying


The IWSM is organized every two years. The first IWSM 2007 was held at Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama, USA. Then, the IWSM 2009, IWSM 2011, and IWSM 2013 were held at University of Technology of Troyes, France, Stanford University, USA and University of Georgia, USA, respectively. The workshop covers all aspects of sequential methodologies in mathematical statistics and information theory from theoretical developments in optimal stopping, sequential analysis, change detection to different applications in mathematical finance, quality control, clinical trials, signal and image processing, among others. The goal of the workshop is to bring together the researchers and practitioners from all areas within sequential methodologies. Moreover, IWSM 2015 will celebrate the 70th birthday of Prof. Tze Leung Lai of Standford University.

Group photos:
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The registration package pick-up will be in front of Room 501, Northwest corner (NWC) building, which is also the room for opening remark. A map that directs you from the Columbia Broadway entrance to NWC can be found here and a map that directs you from the Columbia Amsterdam Ave entrance to NWC can be found here

Internet access:

Columbia provides free wifi all over the campus. Please connect to "Columbia University" and no password is required.

Many thanks to our student volunteers who are helping with the conference, including Xiaoou Li (stat dept), Rohit Patra (stat), Haolei Weng (stat), Lu Meng (stat), Jingjing Zou (stat), Eun-Jeong Oh(biostat), Wei Wang (stat), Shang Li (ee), and Helen Jin. 

Important dates:

Feb 1st: Registration and hotel reservation open.

May 8th: Last day of Milburn hotel reservation with conference rate.

May 1st: Last day of Beacon hotel reservation with conference rate.

May 15th: Deadline for abstract submission and deadline for early registration.

May 21st: Last day of Carman hall (on campus housing, dorm style room) reservation.

The cutoff date for making reservations at the Milburn Hotel has been kindly extended to Friday, May 8th.

          Information on parking at Columbia is provide here.  
 Online reservation for Columbia on-campus housing (dorm style rooms) is OPEN now!

If you need an invitation letter for the purpose of obtaining travel funds from your institution, please send an email to Yunxiao Chen 

(yunxiao@stat.columbia.edu) and we will be happy to send one. For more information, please contact Yunxiao Chen (yunxiao@stat.columbia.edu) or check periodically for new announcements and program details at this website.