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    ... and handmade Jewelry to make all other Art forms accessible to everyone, everywhere! 
             But first, let me welcome you to my home and introduce myself properly...


Being an anthropologist by education (symbolism in storytelling the main topic of my studies), 
and adoring the Jugenstil and Pre- Raphaelites in style and image choice, 

my work defines itself by strong images, centered around one person or animal.

I mostly prefer to work with traditional paint and drawing methods.
I can and do use computerprogramms when it fits the project I am working on.
Inspirations come, amongst other things, from anime, manga, gaming, books and movies.

Name: drs. Minke van Raalte-Priester
Born: 11 - 5 - 1974 

Art Assignments: 
As I create each year (paintings/drawings/illustrations/prints) I want to give room to a few bigger assignments here.

2012 Chasuble for Mary Magdalene Church, Goes, Holland. My iconographic work is very suitable for religious themes.
2012 Jewelry hangers, divers, for Eastern decoration shop Boets, Breda, Holland.
2012 Decorate wall in Disney Shop (5x3 m2) in free-hand
2007 Illustrations for:
T. Meder: The Flying Dutchman and other folktales from the Netherlands. 
Westport & London, Libraries Unlimited, 2007. (World Folklore Series)
2006 Illustrations for largest national digital database for Dutch Folktales:  http://www.verhalenbank.nl/

Detail Oilstudy Waterhouse Maiden, 
by iMhere 2000


Up until 2012 different training educations.

1993 – 1998 University Utrecht, Cultural Anthropology (focus on folklore, folktales, New Age, symbolism)
1992-1993  Social Work
Unceasing autodidact artist since 1990.

As I made the choice early to go for a family first, instead of a career, I decided to not strain myself and my family and take it slow for the first ten years of my children's busy upgrowing. I held to that promise. It made me an even better artist, though without much of the fame and mostly small (literally small!) work because of practical issues.
Now, I can manage all the tasks at hand more than fine, as my kids have made a lot of growing progress!

You can contact me by mail, if questions have arisen:




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