Prof. Indira Narayanaswamy from  MS Ramaiah University of Applied Science at Bangalore

Profile: Indira Narayanaswamy did her graduation and post-graduation in Mathematics at Sanatana Dharma College, Alleppey. She completed her PhD in Mathematics from the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai. She has been actively supporting the initiatives of Panel on Women in Science (WiS), Indian Academy of Sciences, relating to mentoring young women who are potentially looking for careers in science. Her present research interests are Aerodynamics Shape Optimization and Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO). She is an active member of the SIGMDO (Special Interest Group for Multi-disciplinary Design Optimization) under CASDE, IIT Mumbai.  

Prof. B. Sri Padmavati from University of Hyderabad

Profile: B. Sri Padmavati is a Professor at School of Mathematics and Statistics at University of Hyderabad (UoH), Hyderabad. She received her Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics in 1994 from UoH. She worked at IIT Delhi during 1997-2000 as a Lecturer and then as an Assistant Professor. She is presently Dean of School of Mathematics and Statistics, UoH and also the Co-ordinator of UGC SAP, DSA-I in their School. Her research interests include Stokes flows and flow through porous media and has published papers in journals of national and international repute. 

Prof. A.J. Parameswaran from Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai

Profile: Parameswaran comes from a village in middle Kerala. He had studied there till graduation and had post graduation at the University of Hyderabad. He joined TIFR and continued to work there. He also spent two years as Director of Kerala School of Mathematics at Kozhikode. His primary research interests are Algebraic Geometry and Topology. 

Prof. T.R. Ramadas from Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai

Profile: T.R. Ramdas is a Professor at CMI.  He was formerly at TIFR (Mumbai), Univ. of Montpellier (France) and ICTP (Italy). His research interests are algebraic and differential geometry, with inputs from Physics.

Prof. Sanoli Gun from The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai

Profile: Sanoli Gun is a faculty member at Institute of Mathematical Sciences. In her own words,"I enjoy spending time trying to solve mathematical problems and consider myself privileged having my interest as my career". Her area of research is Number Theory.

Prof. Vijay Kodiyalam from The Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai

Profile: Vijay Kodiyalam received his B.Tech. in computer science from IIT Madras and M.S. and Ph.D. in mathematics from Purdue University. His primary research interests are in commutative algebra and in the algebraic aspects of operator algebras - in particular, the theory of subfactors and planar algebras.