MSR School in Asia

We will hold MSR School as tutorial of IWESEP2012 to provide participants with opportunities to learn the techniques used in the area of MSR (Mining Software Repositories). MSR is a rapidly growing field that holds an annual tutorial and a co-located working conference at ICSE every year. We will invited some of the top researchers in the MSR field to give this tutorial.

The MSR School will be held on October 26 and will be led by Dr. Daniel German of University of Victoria.
Distributed version control systems (DVCs), such as git and mercurial, are replacing centralized ones (CVCs--such as CVS, subversion). When a distributed version control system replaces a centralized one, project DVCs promise developers several advantages, such as local commits, and more independent development. This talk is divided into two parts:

In the first part I will discuss how DVCs change the way developers collaborate. For example, how a DVCs might be more "centrally" controlled (i.e. controlled by one or few individuals) than a CVC (that is more "democratic" in nature).

In the second, I will discuss the main challenges that DVCs impose to researchers who mine them. For example, how the information stored in the main DVCs repository is not a current view of the software development, as many recent changes are stored in the local repositories of developers and other are lost due to the practice of "rebasing" (that can alter the true history of development). I will demonstrate why it is more difficult to follow code development in DVCs than CVSs.
Thanh Nguyen,
Apr 16, 2012, 6:50 AM