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What is Webroot?

Webroot is a top cybersecurity solution brand that's famous for its avant-garde security solutions. It supplies a vast variety of powerful, laser-sharp safety products which are exceptionally versatile. As an Example, Antivirus, Internet Security, Total Protection, Safe Link VPN, WebAdvisor, Gamer Security, Mobile Security etc.. These innovative software alternatives givei ntelligent, innovative and multi-device protection. It protects all of your connected devices with predictive, and real time threat-detection technology. Together with “webroot.com/safe”, you receive an unrelenting protection cover which uses sophisticated technology to discover and remove risks. Its high-rated product range provides holistic protection options against every possible hazard. For Example, Virus, Trojans, Malware, Spams, Spyware, Phishing, Nasty Codes, Worms, Malicious Sites, etc..

This light-weight security program provides multi-layer protection that's based on innovative technology such as Artificial Intelligence and Cloud-based Machine Learning. This award winning security cover enables global users in safeguarding their own electronic life without undermining their system performance.

Key Features of Webroot Antivirus

  • Powerful, Cloud-based Threat Detection
  • Robust Anti-virus, and Anti-Spyware
  • Identity & Privacy Shields
  • Proactive Malware Prevention
  • Real-time Anti-phishing Tech to guarantee Secure Browsing
  • Round the clock Information and Identity Protection using Always-on Security
  • 6 Scan Options               
  • Uninterrupted, Lightning quickly Scans
  • Infrared Defense
  • Smooth and Hasslefree Deployment
  • Multi-Environment Service
  • Huge Cloud Storage of 25GB
  • Outbound Network Link Monitor and Firewall
  • Safeguards your Mobile Devices
  • Safeguard Offline Computers with Predictive Protection
  • Proactively Scans and Blocks Malicious Search Results, URLs and Links
  • Heuristic Threat Detection with capacities to Assess Thousands of Documents
  • Automated Gamer Mode
  • Password Manager
  • Multiple Remediation Tools
  • Full-proof Safety by Eliminating Online Action
  • Powerful Tools for System Cleanup that includes Military-grade File Erase
  • Outstanding Customer Support

What are the Benefits of having a Webroot Antivirus?

Together with Webroot Secure Anywhere, you obtain a cybersecurity solution that's simply best-of-the-breed. It's packed with avant-garde capabilities. However, it will not influence the functioning of your PC. This highly effective and powerful security program is undoubtedly a wise option for users. Given below are a few of the benefits enjoyed by its own users.

  • Enjoy complete peace of mind with a Comprehensive Security Solution
  • Lightweight Software that utilizes Cloud Infrastructure
  • Minimum System Impact for Optimized Performance
  • Highly Versatile Security Option that supports Aged / Mature OS/ Devices
  • Keep your Systems shielded from ever-evolving risks having an Extensive Malware Database
  • Holistic Security Cover which includes Cross-platform Compatibility
  • Thorough, Lightning fast Scans
  • Identity Theft and Webcam Protection
  • Experience Totally Secure Browsing with untoward Anti-phishing
  • User-friendly Interface which is easy to navigate
  • Equipped with unbeatable Capabilities
  • Hasslefree Setup
  • Advanced Security Tools
  • Accurate and Strong URL Blocking
  • Contains Ransomware Protection
  • Offers 25GB Online Storage
  • Get Free Trial even with no Card Details
  • Extremely Inexpensive

Minimum System Requirements for Webroot.com/secure

Requirements for Windows


  • Windows 10      
  • Windows 8 and 8.1
  • Windows 7, Windows 7 SP1
  • Windows Vista (32-bit), Windows Vista SP1, SP2


  • Intel Pentium/Celeron family, or AMD K6/Athlon/AMD Duron family, or other compatible processors
  • Minimum of 128 MB RAM
  • Free Hard Disk Space of 15 MB


  • Internet Explorer 9.0 and greater
  • Mozilla Firefox -- present and latest versions
  • Google Chrome -- present and latest versions
Prerequisites for Mac

Operating Systems:

  • Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)
  • Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion)
  • OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)
  • OS X 10.10 (Yosemite)
  • OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)
  • macOS 10.12 (Sierra)      
  • macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)

Program Requirements:

  • Minimum of 128 MB RAM
  • Free Hard Disk Space of 15 MB
  • Internet access with a few of the following plugins:
  • Apple Safari 7.0 or greater.
  • Mozilla Firefox; present and latest versions.
  • Google Chrome; present and latest versions

Prerequisites for Mobile


  • Android operating system version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or greater
  • Apple apparatus with iOS version 4.2 or later, compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad cellular digital devices

How to Download Webroot Antivirus?

  • Start the procedure to download “webroot.com/safe” by launch an internet Browser of your choice in your System.
  • Bring up the official site by using its URL properly that's"webroot.com".
  • Here, you'll observe that the"For House" section in the exact top. Click it to enlarge the Menu Box.
  • This window gives the hyperlinks to get all of the available alternatives of “webroot.com/safe” beneath the"Products" section. Go through all them one-by-one.
  • Now, create an proper choice and get its own respective webpage.
  • Next, you should carefully choose the Subscription Term. This will provide you its closing cost too. Then, click "Add To Cart".
  • The next window attempts your Billing and Payment Details. Therefore, correctly provide the specifics.
  • After that, click "Purchase Now" to complete the purchaseprice.
  • In the event if motivated to prepare a User Account, do the same by following onscreen directions.
  • For this, it sends you a"Purchase Confirmation Email" comprising a protected Download Link. Thus, start this Email from the registered Email Account.
  • Then, click on the specified Download Link to start the downloading procedure.
  • After that, await the process to finish.

How to Install & Activate Webroot Antivirus via Webroot.com/safe

Installation Process

  • At the very first location, look for your Computer to your downloaded Installation Document for “webroot.com/safe”.
  • Open the exact same by double-clicking onto it.
  • When you receive a pop-up box, then choose"Run" to allow System Validation.
  • Click on"Yes" on the next"User Account Control" window.
  • If prompted, enter your Product Activation Code properly. After that, click on"Continue".
  • Click on the"Software License Agreement" Link to start the file. Then, carefully examine the conditions. Then, click"I Agree" to proceed with “webroot.com/safe” Setup.
  • The following window permits you to change its Settings such as Install Location, Change Language, Create a desktop shortcut . For this, click the tab which says"Setup Options". After that, make the necessary changes.
  • After that, click on"Agree and Install" to start Installing “webroot.com/safe”.
  • When prompted, provide your Email Address. After that, click on"Continue".
  • Mac users might need to present their Admin Account webroot login Credentials. After that, click on"Continue".
  • Await the Setup Procedure to complete. Then, Restart your PC.
Activation Process
  • Establish the Installed “webroot.com/safe” antivirus.
  • Be certain you are logged into a Webroot Account. But if it pushes to accomplish this, correctly"Sign In" to your Account.
  • Now, click the"My Account" button.
  • Proceed to the right-hand of this window. Then, find the"Activate a New Keycode" section.
  • Under that, correctly provide your 20-digit"Product Activation Keycode".
  • After that, click the"Publish" tab for “webroot.com/safe”.
  • Last, Restart your PC.


How to Reinstall Webroot Antivirus?

  • At the very first area, you must secure your Product Activation Keycode.
  • After that, go with “webroot.com/safe” by downloading the newest version of your purchased product. You may get it out of the Webroot Account. Else, get it from the official site.
  • Find the downloaded Setup File in your System.
  • Double-click on it to start the same.
  • This may bring up a"Security Warning" pop-up box. Thus, click"Run" to proceed with “webroot.com/safe”.
  • On the next"User Account Control" window, then choose"Yes".
  • Then, click on the"Software License Agreement" Link. Afterward, carefully review its provisions. After that, click "Agree".
  • The next window lets you supply the Product Activation Keycode of your bought Subscription. Hence, provide this 20-digit code correctly.
  • After that, pick the"Agree and Install" button to begin the reinstallation procedure for “webroot.com/safe”.
  • Input the documented Mail Address when prompted. After that, click on"Continue".
  • Wait patiently while the method completes successfully.
  • Then, restart your PC. 

Frequent Problems While Installing Webroot Antivirus through Webroot.com/protected

With “webroot.com/safe”, the Setup procedure is extremely convenient and hassle free. The method is fast and simple to execute. But occasionally, users encounter difficulty in this procedure. To put it differently, the procedure fails. In this circumstance, users can find any of the subsequent error messages.

  • Not Able to continue installation
  • Incompatible security applications
  • Installation imperfect
  • Install fails                
  • The security you're attempting to install does not work on this gadget. Try again in the ideal device.
  • Invalid Product Activation Keycode.
  • You Find a blank page

These are the most common problems that users experience while installing this complex applications of “webroot.com/safe”. Even though the challenge is quite common. However, there are numerous reasons accountable for exactly the same. Irrespective of this, users need to tackle following troubleshooting actions to eliminate those difficulties.

  • To start out with, get the most recent version of the software from a trusted and accurate source.
  • Additionally, make sure your Computer meets the specified requirements.
  • Be certain you supply the right"Product Activation Key" correctly.
  • Furthermore, provide the appropriate Email Address connected with your Webroot Account
  • Make sure your System is absolutely free of any pre-installed application in Webroot or some other third party.
  • Aside from this, you should try out the specified troubleshooting processes.
  • Restart your PC        
  • Restart your Web Connection
  • Publish the Browsing History, Cache Files and Cookies in your own system
  • Let Complete Administrative Control of your System's User Account
  • Repair Microsoft's Installer Service


Q1. Is Webroot a Great AntiVirus?

Webroot is a smart and highly effective cybersecurity solution that's endorsed by advanced technology. This high-rated anti virus software is famous for its holistic, multi layer defense cover. It's effective at protecting your apparatus, identity, data, and solitude on a real time basis from the most dangerous threats. With “webroot.com/safe”, you're totally protected against the threat scenario. In any case, it guarantees the very best malware security due to its up-to-date and extensive database. Not just that, it's packed with some of the very effective and intuitive features that makes it a favorite alternative for its own users. Despite this, it's a highly lightweight software that supports older and obsolete apparatus. Simply speaking, it's an outstanding security alternative.

Q2. Can Webroot Remove Viruses?

The majority of the presently available cybersecurity options are restricted to detecting the dangers in your system. To be able to eliminate viruses and other dangers, it requires one to use dedicated applications. But, “webroot.com/safe” provides you with a total solution at precisely the exact same location. It detects the dangers on real life basis. At precisely the exact same time, it thoroughly eliminates viruses and other dangers in the event of any security violation. For this, all you've got to do is launching the program. Then, conduct a Scan. This may detect all the probable dangers. In the event, it finds any danger, it guides you with all the essential action to get rid of them. Furthermore, you may get guided help for eliminating viruses from the technical assistance team through telephone. Apart from that, it eases manual reduction on the program for fixing such troubles.

Q3. Is Webroot Safe?

Webroot is among those software programs which are known for its laser-sharp precision and functionality that is unbeatable. This lightweight software uses cloud-based infrastructure to provide airtight safety without compromising your system's functionality. It uses avant-garde safety protocols to supply a holistic defense cover. In “webroot.com/safe”, it provides security features like Quick Scanning, Anti-phishing Tech, Password Manager, Outbound Firewall, SafeStart Sandbox, Identity And Privacy Shields, Offline Protection, Two-Factor Authentication, Profession Tracking etc.. These innovative attributes provide you a completely secure virtual lifestyle. What's more, it's Heuristic Threat Detection Capabilities enables the body to scan tens of thousands of documents at precisely the exact same moment. This makes it a very strong and beneficial alternative.

Q4. How Can I Redeem my Webroot Code?

  • To start out with, visit “webroot.com/safe”.
  • The very first window of the site sends your Email Address. Thus, provide the Email Address with that you would like to set up your Account.
  • Furthermore, it compels you to present your Webroot Code. Here is actually the 20-digit alphanumeric reference crucial that you get after buying your favorite subscription. In the event of internet purchase, it's offered from the"Purchase Confirmation Email". Likewise you'll receive it on the Retail Card in the event of offline buy. Thus, enter this code properly.
  • After that, click on"Next".                          
  • The next window guides you through the process of producing your User Account to get “webroot.com/safe”. Thus, carefully follow the directions to finish the procedure.
  • When the account is created and activated, it connects the Webroot Code for your Account. This manner, it redeems your Code.

Q5. Where to Locate the Webroot Product Key?

This 20-digit reference code is also very simple to recognize as it is made up of series of alphanumeric characters only allocated to a certain subscription. It's extremely simple to find this keycode. But, its place is contingent on the cost channel.

Q6. Online Purchase From Official Site

Among the most trustworthy sources of obtaining “webroot.com/safe” is the official site. When you make payment on your favorite security option, it sends you a"Purchase Confirmation Email" on the supplied Mail Address. This Mail retains a secure download link in addition to the unique Webroot Product Key. Therefore, you may easily get it by obtaining this Mail.

Q7. Offline Purchase From A Retail Store

Aside from this, you might even buy “webroot.com/safe” in an offline retail shop. If that's the instance, you receive an Installation CD. This CD Bundle Includes a Retail Card. On the rear side of the card, you'll start to see a silver lining. When you scrape it, then an alphanumeric code seems. This is the Webroot Product Key.


Webroot is the most sought after cybersecurity solution that ensures hierarchical protection cover. Its innovative safety products are incredibly fast and effective. This lightweight program application keeps your daily life completely protected without compromising the operation of your system. It's a very versatile software which accompanies cross-platform compatibility. This implies that if you've got a Windows or Mac Device or a Smartphone, then it is going to do the job for you. Not just that, in case you have an older or obsolete device or OS, your machine receives the identical degree of security. This cloud-based application solution provides you the most effective protection cover. What's more, it's packed with some of the most innovative and user-friendly capabilities.(Read More)

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